Female Transient Enters Home, Puts On Residents Clothes, Hops In Bed With Some Wine & Chills OUT!

Thx to @NolaErin for the photo & moustachio'd citizen who held the suspect for LAPD!


Well, if you don’t feel like living on 3rd and Rose, just pick a home and cruise on in! Today a female transient made entry to a home on Park between Ocean Front Walk and Main, put on the residents clothes… grabbed some wine and hopped in bed! She was held by a citizen who was returning a bike to the home with the resident when they walked in on her. LAPD was on scene in minutes. One upside is she did give the residents pants back ( as you can see ) – but when discovered was wearing layers of the residents clothing. Our fantastic fellow twitter-er @NolaErin said , ” A female resident found her asleep in her bed. She had been drinking red wine and eating nestle quick out of the box & a frozen pizza.” Looks like she had some nice kicks on too.

Don’t really know what to say, other than O M G.

More info from the victim @ccsheffield:

“Update: transient went through our mail and my roommates friend had sent back a key and opened all mail including my tax return, and stated she had been on jet with the @BeastieBoys the night before.”

As Zsa Zsa said, “Give me Park Avenue!”. Here is the LAPD radio call for the incident.

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