Venice Public Art Graffiti Walls

The Venice Art Walls does not have an actual physical address. They are located just west of the Venice Beach Recreation Office for Google Maps directions. That address is 1800 Oceanfront Walk, Venice, CA 90291.

The Venice Public Art Walls are managed by n Creative Unity, which is a Venice based arts organization that has been curating the walls since the year 2000.


These historic walls were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. The specific area where these walls are located was called “The Pit” or the “Graffiti Pit”. During this period the walls were often painted with graffiti style murals. It was technically illegal to paint the walls then, but was generally tolerated by the Police and was loved by the community. In 1999 the Pavilion was torn down, but a portion of the walls were preserved as a living memorial to the high quality artwork that had been painted on the walls for over twenty-five years.

In 2000 it became legal to paint the walls

The area was renamed the Venice Graffiti Walls. In Creative Unity (ICU Art), a Venice-based graffiti art production company has been serving as the Curator for the walls since this time. From 2000 until 2003 artists had to submit sketches to ICU Art in order to be scheduled to paint on one of the four large walls. Painting on the small walls and cones was open. My name is Stash Maleski and I am the Director and Founder of ICU Art. I have volunteered my time as Curator of the walls as a service to the people of Venice and the street artists of Los Angeles for over six years now.

In 2007 the walls will again be renamed as the Venice Public Art Walls or the Venice Art Walls for short. The Art Walls are entering a new era. Painting on the walls will be by permit only and will only happen on weekends when ICU Art is present to open up the walls. This change has come about because of complaints by Venice area residents of increased vandalism attributed to the presence of the walls. In an effort to keep the walls here, and in an effort to work with the community to reduce illegal vandalism, the area will be governed by new rules and regulations.

Information regarding permits from their website includes:

Permits To Paint

As of June 3, 2007 every person painting in the Venice Art Walls area will be required to have a permit. If you paint or mark any surface in the Venice Art Walls area without a permit you will be given a ticket for vandalism by the LAPD or the Park Rangers. You may apply for a permit in person (on-site), over the Internet or via fax. The physical permit itself will be issued by the On-site Supervisor the day you will be painting. Permits are free of charge, and are issued only by ICU Art. Permits are valid for one day only and must be returned at the end of the day.

For a complete list of rules related to the area and the Painting Permits, please go to the Rules page.

In order to obtain a Painting Permit, artists must fill out an Artist Agreement and you must submit a valid form of government issued picture identification. The I.D. card will be held by ICU Art staff as a deposit until you return the Painting Permit. This agreement can be downloaded on this site or may be obtained at the Venice Art Walls on weekends and City of LA holidays between 10 AM and one half hour prior to sundown. You may request an Artist Agreement form to be sent to you via fax as well.

People under the age of 18 must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian as well as their own signature on the Artist Agreement in order to obtain a Painting Permit.

Once you have been approved to receive a Permit, you will receive two laminated and numbered Painting Permits on a lanyard that you hang around your neck. One Permit must be worn in the front and the other in the back so that you can be clearly identified as a permitted artist by area staff, LAPD and Park Rangers.

Permits in no way allow anyone to paint on any surface east of the bike path.

Contact Information

Artist contact information will be kept confidential by ICU Art staff. ICU Art is a privately owned, arts advocacy organization and is not a branch of City government. ICU Art will not divulge information on the Artist Agreement to any government agency except by order of subpoena or other court order. However, ICU Art will indicate to any party that inquires whether or not a specific individual did indeed have a valid permit to paint on any given day.

Artists are not required to leave contact information, and we do not request nor record the address on your I.D. card. We do request phone and e-mail information so that in the event that a company or individual would like to film in the area, you may be contacted in order to get permission to film or reproduce your work. It is possible that for a commercial film project that you could negotiate a licensing agreement for the use of your art in a film. If we are not able to contact you for such a project, we will do our best to stop a commercial film project from including your work, by requesting that they temporarily cover your work or avoid shooting it.

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