What To Do When You Encounter A Sea Lion On The Beach Or Rocks – Domoic Acid Poisoning Season

Someone posted a pic of a dead sea lion today on Twitter. It is domoic acid season. Here is what you do when you see a stranded sea lion. If you see a dead sea lion call beaches and harbors at (310) 305-9503.

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Originally published on May 6th, 2011.

This season is already shaping up to be one of the worst seasons yet for sea lions, pelicans and other marine life suffering from domoic acid poisoning. This is a condition that occurs when fish eat algae that naturally blooms in the ocean. When sea lions, dolphins, pelicans and other marine animals ingest these fish, it creates a neurotoxin in their system which causes seizures. If the animal is rescued early enough, through treatment they can successfully recover and be reintroduced back into the ocean. Unfortunately others suffer from this often fatal condition.

If you encounter a sea lion, elephant seal, pelican or other marine animal on rocks, a guard tower, on the beach or out of the water DO NOT APPROACH THE ANIMAL. Contact a lifeguard immediately. Make note of the size, approximate weight, location and general condition of the animal. If a lifeguard is not nearby, call 1-800-39-WHALE to contact Marine Animal Rescue. Marine Animal Rescue is the only professionally trained and permitted organization that is able to drive a specialized vehicle on the beach to rescue sea life. Marine mammals are federally protected, and it is against the law to be within 50 ft of them even if stranded. Also, these animals, although very cute, carry a range of harmful bacteria to humans and dogs and have a very powerful bite. They consider humans to be predators and can strike quickly with great force if approached.


A sea lion that has frequented Marina Del Rey for years was rescued last year and has been cared for at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro. His story was featured on NBC as follows:

Imagine caring for a 750-pound bull sea lion who’s totally blind. That’s what staffers at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro are doing, as they try to find him a permanent home.

The sea lion’s name, appropriately enough is “Big Guy,” and because of his blindness, he can’t be released back into the ocean.

“Big Guy” was first brought to the care center more than a year ago, suffering from both his blindness and a large gash in his mouth. He’d been found on a Santa Monica beach.

The care center staffers are hoping that a zoo, aquarium or other facility will take him.

If you’d like to make a donation to help the center continue providing care for “Big Guy,” you can find out how by going to the center’s website at marinemammalcare.org.

The staffers say you can also stop by the center and drop off a donation. The address is 3601 S. Gaffey St., San Pedro. You can also call the center at 310-548-5677.

StolenBicycleRegistry.com Helps Recover Bike + A Smart Neighbor!

Originally published Nov 18th 2012 – still as relevant.

So… A neighbor had her beloved bike stolen – but just a week before LAPD was handing out slips encouraging people to register their bikes – and she did! When her neighbor saw her stolen bike reprinted and chained to a tree one block away- BOOM – police arrived checked the serial number with the registered bike (that was properly reported stolen too!) and WHAPAM! The lock was cut and she got her bike back- slightly more ghetto with swapped handlebars and seat but still…

The moral of the story is register your bike on StolenBicycleRegistry.com AND MAKE A POLICE REPORT!!!!


Anewther 311 Mobile App – This One By EmpowerLA – Starts March 18th

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Info here: http://empowerla.org/city-of-l-a-releases-a-311-app/

Beginning March 18, 2013, L.A. residents can report graffiti, abandoned furniture, potholes, broken street lights and fallen trees with their iPhone and Androids. They can also use their mobile phones to find area parks, libraries, police stations, and Neighborhood Councils. City Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled the My LA 311 mobile app for the City of Los Angeles at Google’s LA offices last month.

By taking advantage of a smartphone’s GPS and camera, the app promises to make reporting complaints a simpler process.

“My LA 311″ comes alongside the first major re-launch of the city’s website in 15 years. The new LACity.org offers a smarter user experience with self-updating “Top 10 Service Requests”, “Top 10 City Council Files,” and a “Dynamic City Calendar.”

The citizen-centric redesign features live streaming home screen video, centralized job opportunities, and easy to access City services. The site will also provide a more social user experience through “LA City Now,” a homepage ticker-tape of every City twitter feed.

The app was developed by LA’s own 3Di Systems and will be available for download both in the iTunes store and Google Play store March 18.