Venice Families In Need Could Use A Bit Of Help – Operation Holiday Wishes

LAPD and the Pacific Division boosters reached out to our local schools who helped them identify some families in our area that could really use some help this holiday season. I know emotions in our often conflicted neighborhood run high, but this is truly an opportunity to realize what we can do when a community works together, and these families can really use the help. Their stories would break your heart. Please, please toss even a days coffee money to this cause and help show some warmth and put a smile in the hearts of some families who are struggling in our neighborhood right now. The GoFundMe page can be found here —> .

If you would like to know more or get a bit more involved, LAPD’s beach officers will be going up and down the boardwalk each day handing out flyers for Operation Holiday Wishes. We have an awesome beach unit led by Sgt. Skinner and they are working hard to help these local families and get the word out. If you would like to participate and post a flyer in your business or hand some out please send an email here and officers will visit you, let you know the stories and set you up.

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Suspect Bashes Through Window Of Danny’s Deli @ 5 a.m. – In Custody

Some nutter busted through the glass door of Danny’s Deli at 5 a.m. – LAPD was nearby and requested a backup. The suspect was inside and taken into custody quickly. Have to admit, their mac & chee is good.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.13.21 AM

LAPD Shoots Man With Large Knife Inside Ground Work Coffee On Rose Ave.

UPDATE: LAPD in ambulance with suspect shot by officers as they transport to UCLA Santa Monica.

At about 2:25 p.m. on Monday LAPD responded to a call for an agitated man with a large knife inside Ground Work Coffee at 671 Rose Ave. When they arrived at scene officers made a radio call that there was a white male with a large knife inside the location who was violent. Moments later officers called for backup, and then made a subsequent call for an ambulance for a white male suffering from a gunshot wound. The area is being cleared, all traffic is being stopped at Rose and Lincoln while they set up a command post. LAFD responded to transport the suspect who was described as conscious and breathing. The area will be locked down for a long time while various departments at LAPD conduct an officer involved shooting investigation.


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Image courtesy of Ground Work Coffee.

Image courtesy of Ground Work Coffee.

Venice Guys Roofie Drinks – One Female Norweigan Tourist Dead Other In ICU

PRELIMINARY INFO: Last night two female Norweigan tourists in their 40’s met two guys from Venice in their lat 20’s and went back to the guys apt near 23rd & Speedway. The guys apparently roofied the girls drinks with GHB and they all got in a hot tub. When one of the males regained his composure at 4:40 a.m. … one female was dead, and the other female and the male local were transported to the hospital and both are currently in ICU. One male is reportedly in custody. Operations West Bureau Homicide from LAPD is at scene.   Right now it is being treated as an “overdose” but word is the other female is awake and talking. If consent for the drug was not given and the actual drug taken was made clear to the females, then we got ourselves a homicide. Homeowners of the location at 24 23rd ave are also at scene. Apparently from officers at scene it was partially if not completely a rental property. 

 This story is unfolding … More info when I get it. 

Awesome Nabe Reports Hit & Run In Oakwood

I was sharing an Uber home from The Other Room with friends who were heading to Mar Vista and there was a brand new white van driving in front of us. I believe he clipped two cars on the south side of the street. One was a prius and the other may have been a Honda or a Camry (both in the 4th-6th block of San Juan). He pulled over on 7th near California (after riding up the curb). I told him he clipped two cars….he said I did? My Uber driver said, “dude you hit one”, and then he said yeah…I only hit one. He claimed he was going to leave a note but we were suspect because when we first pulled up he acted surprised re the clipped cars saying, “I clipped a car?”

Anyway it was a brand new white Van (not a mini van but like the cool Volkswagen with a high top/pop top). The van had a label on it that said, “The Most Famous Artist” and the guy – caucasian, late 20’s. dark hair, was wearing a Venice Beach Ale hat. 

We would have gotten the plates but it didn’t have them yet – new vehicle. 
Just wanted to let you know if there is a way to post responsibly (ala if your car was damaged on San Juan last night…) again it was def 1 car and most likely 2 cars. A prius and one other – toyota or honda 4 door (front quarter panel dinged)…just wanted to share because it sucks to wake up to that stuff and I am not confident the driver was going to leave a note.




The President of the United States (POTUS) is expected to be in Century City on Thursday, June 18th. As most of you know, this means temporary road closures:Ocean Avenue between Pico and San Vicente Boulevards between 4pm and 7:30pm.

San Vicente Boulevard between Ocean Avenue and 25th Street between 4pm and 7:30pm.

Overland Avenue between National Place and Tennessee Avenue between 7pm and 8:30pm.

West Pico Boulevard between Overland Avenue and Century Park East between 7pm and 8:30pm.

Avenue of the Stars between West Pico and West Olympic Boulevards between 7pm and 8:30pm.


Yep, You Still Keep Leaving Shit In Your Car, And Your Doors Unlocked #Dummies

So the local Po-Po told me that again… they keep getting reports from shocked neighbors when they tell the police their camera & laptop were stolen from their car, and that their purse was taken from their living room…. when they left their doors open… and things visible in plain sight.

Dur, dur, dur, dur, DUR! STOP IT!


Two Cars Demolished In Accident At Lincoln & California

Northbound Lincoln Blvd was shut down during rush hour today after a major accident that demolished two cars. No word yet on the extent of injuries of either occupants.  Thanks to Lexy and Melany for the photos via Twitter!