Boo the Black Kitty Missing Near Ocean Ave

Black cat is missing as of 8/15/16. His name is Boo, he’s 2.5 years old. I live on Ocean Ave in Venice. Call or text me at 310-766-0116.


Kitty found & reunited w owner via CraigsList ad. Pretty Bengal cat went missing Sunday morning, August 7th. Last seen in south alleyway b/t Bryan Avenue and Wilson Avenue. Very curious – likes to jump into open car windows or walk through open garage or house doors. Answers to the name “Mr. Kitty.” Likes Sheba and Meow Mix Tender Centers. PLEASE call 310-344-4462 if you’ve any information. Thanks.

Ultra-Creepy Wanted Felon From Virginia Loses In Foot Pursuit W LAPD Pacific Division


At around 8:50 p.m. LAPD received a call from the low-slung Gold Star Motel at 710 Rose Ave. Apparently the parents* (see audio below) of a suspect were in one room, and decided to call the cops on what seemed to be one of their kids, or the BF of one of their kids who was in an adjacent room. Key features of this sterling individual were that he was armed, dangerous, and was a wanted felon out of Virginia with priors including GTA, robbery and kidnapping just to name a few. The callers met LAPD on the corner of Lincoln & Rose, gave them the details on the suspect, who had the callers daugheter’s  Montero Sport – which was parked to the rear of the location. LAPD set up a perimeter… called an airship and they called the suspect out of the location. Clearly not wanting to be the shrinking violet to his prior criminal record, the suspect took off and ran from the Motel… right into the loving handcuffs of LAPD. I believe his name was put out as Malik Anders, 23 yrs… heres a few audio snips featuring some of his achievements:

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

And my fave audio clip from the crime broadcast…. seems like the “parents” (male/female white) who are with the suspect (male black) in some capacity. Great choice. (Sounds from registration of the vehicle that it is their daughters car but the suspect is added on the title.)

Check this out on Chirbit

Fatal Shooting In Oakwood Possibly Gang Related – Suspect In Wind

Approaching 24 hours from the time a worker directing traffic for a local construction site was shot dead on Brooks in broad daylight – the suspect is still on the loose. While many speculated that it might be related to the ire over the encroaching and sloppy construction scene, which broke a water pipe resulting in the power and water being shut off the day prior…. it seems that the shooting may be gang related.

Local residents have complained for days about the mess, the construction crew starting before legal noise laws dictate, and blocking the streets and leaving a mess in the street. When police interviewed the construction workers, they said they had cell phone video of license plates and people getting into heated arguments with them over the construction… and that there had been a violent altercation earlier in the day.

About an hour after the crime scene was locked down, the black hooded sweatshirt from the suspect was found discarded. Although two crime broadcasts came out describing the suspect, one with him wearing a mask and gym shorts…. it seems that the first suspect description of a male black, 30’s, thin build, black hoodie black jeans with a large chrome handgun was correct. LAPD did a grid K-9 search later in the evening and although some were detained it does not appear any arrests were made.

There is a belief based on suspect and victim information that the shooting may be gang related, and not necessarily related to the squabbling over the construction area. oakwoodshooting

Three New Animal Rescues In Venice

About two weeks ago two super-amazing neighbors messaged me about a kitty living under their apt building. I loaded up a trap & a carrier and went to meet Boss – a grey male Russian Blue. He was friendly, curious but very very skiddish. Spent a day or so winning his trust and when I got a good hold of him he was so strong he wriggled away. Took about another week for the neighbors to coax him into eating inside a cat carrier before they trapped him in. He was NOT HAPPY. Taken to vet – got a bath and a checkup and he’s here at the cat ranch. He is big and strong and beautiful. Super loving guy!

Then I got a message about Blossom. She was the store cat at Alan’s Aquarium for about 10 years and for whatever reason wasn’t going to the new location. She’s a grey Persian with an extra dose of attitude. Doesn’t respond well to other animals so she was hard to adopt out. She has quite a set of pipes on her. She needs some TLC. Trying to arrange for a grooming to get her brushed and her matted hair cleaned up. Will need sedation for sure. Sad when older pets become an inconvenience – but she’s here and is happy. Loves her Whisker Lickin’s and a chin scratch.


Then I got a message on Twitter about little Indiana. Just shy of 10 days old he was abandoned and was hungry as a little bear. Picked him up from a neighbor who had him on Indiana Ave. He’s super sweet – really active and so far looks healthy. Gave him a bath to get the fleas off him and he shined up like a new penny. Currently bottle feeding this guy – and will probably have a camera up streaming him sometime this weekend.


If you would like to help with these rescues you can send a PayPal to or click here

. All donations go to help the rescues with food, vet care and toys. <3

FOUND! Missing Chihuahua Near Sepulveda & Greenlawn


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.02.15 PM


If found contact @Gabster1075 via Twitter.
Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.24.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.23.54 PM


Homeless Off Sidewalks? Here is where they may go….

If you don’t like the homeless and their piles of crap sleeping on your sidewalks and camping near your home or business – get ready for them to move to these possible locations in Venice. Note 128 N Venice / Dell has the wrong zip code- item C.9 on the list – that is the giant parking lot by the beach. Why does the City get sued and can this not enforce crap? Well, it’s because there are no local service areas supporting the homeless – so until there are – right down the street from YOU – expect nothing to change. One lump or two?

Neighbor Follows Burglars That Hit Nearby Home In Oakwood

Neighbor followed burglars (not advised!) who broke into nearby home that was under construction and stole stuff. LAPD had a quick response, suspects in custody!


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