New LAPD Beach Policy Cripples Response

Lost foriegn tourist asks LAPD Beach unit for directions on the sand.

On Monday just past noon, a radio call was broadcast for a stabbing on the Venice Boardwalk.  The third stabbing in as many days. The suspect fled, and the victim ran towards the ocean, leaving a bloody trail on the boardwalk heading towards the sand. The officers that responded asked for a Beach capable unit to search for the victim. A strange request… as there is typically always one unit available to respond on the sand. Dispatch responded that no Beach capable units were available. The officers then requested a lifeguard to pick them up and drive them on the sand to search for the victim. Standard protocol for almost all City & County agencies is that they don’t respond into a “hot zone”, or an active crime zone until law enforcement has cleared the scene for safety. This includes City & County fire department personnel – which includes lifeguards. It took more than ten minutes from the time of the stabbing to get a response, and another ten to fifteen minutes before a lifeguard could arrive to pick up LAPD and drive them on the sand to look for the victim….. the victim of a stabbing that was bleeding. By the time lifeguards responded, reports were coming in about the victim walking on the sand several blocks from the crime scene by Rose and Ocean Front Walk. Over a half an hour later an ambulance was called for the victim. A half an hour – for the victim of a stabbing. My question was, why no LAPD Beach units?

Several LA City and County agencies have restricted access to drive on the beach, including LA County Lifeguards, Beaches and Harbors, Recreation & Parks, LA Sanitation and LAPD. Driving on the sand requires specialized vehicles, and each agency employs training for personnel that drive vehicles on the sand. The beach has uneven terrain with varying obstacles, and just like on paved streets accidents happen. Each year, each agency reports accidents on the sand involving City and County vehicles.

A few weeks ago LAPD accidentally struck a beachgoer on the sand. The victim was not seriously hurt, but the resulting video went viral. Apparently an uninformed member of the LAPD brass was questioned about the training that Beach officers receive for driving on the sand. The result of that senior command staff member, (reportedly a Deputy Chief on the oil slick out the door) not knowing the answer  resulted in all LAPD Beach capable units being banned from driving on the sand until further notice. This astonished me. The ability for LAPD to respond on the sand is critical – from boats that run aground at night, to the myriad of crimes that happen on the sand, and suspects that flee towards the water in hopes of evading capture. Coupled with standard safety protocol of other agencies staying away from any crime scene until cleared by law enforcement – prohibiting LAPD from being able to drive on the sand is an astonishingly stupid move – especially as a knee-jerk, arrogant reaction of an uninformed Deputy Chief.

All LAPD Beach units go through extensive training. On the sand, just as on normal roads accidents happen – but each officer assigned to the beach is trained specifically on all vehicles that are capable of driving on the sand. The summer loanees from other divisions also go through a full training not only on sand capable vehicles, but on the unique law enforcement issues specific to Venice.

I had heard the drum circles the past several Sundays were out of control – and there was a stabbing at the drum circle this past Sunday. The next day – another stabbing with the victim fleeing to the sand – not to mention the weekly missing children, overdoses, and people who bring booze, weed and BBQ’s out on the sand. Those are all law enforcement issues, and don’t include the stolen property and drunks that decide to get into physical fights with lifeguards. So if you plan on enjoying the sand and our beautiful beach – hope you don’t become the victim of a crime. Despite the seriousness of the call and any level of injury – you may be in for a long wait for officers to walk out to your location on the sand.

Fatal Shooting – Venice & Lucielle

Last night just after 8:30 p.m. A help call came out by LAPD for shots fired with a victim down at the 800 block of Venice Bl. Officers engaged two men having an arguement – initiated contact and a shooting occurred wounding the suspect who was transported to the hospital. Several residents reported the gunfire.

Folks that live nearby reported via twitter that the man was a former Marine, and possibly was armed with a rifle. Per news there may have been a roommate dispute with one shooting the other, who was transported to the hospital and succumbed to his injuries. Getting more details ….. 

and UPDATE – apparently it was an OIS – roommate dispute. Officers arrived at scene during altercation and shooting occurred- victim died and was apparently armed when officers made contact. 

Police Video: Your Input Is Requested, And Needed Before May 7th

When I heard that public opinion was being sought regarding police video and body cameras, I was extremely interested… but unfortunately the myriad of news stories and massive press coverage didn’t point to the online survey. #FAIL !


You can also upload independent comments here.

Thanks to our local Venice Beach Senior Lead Officer Roberts, we were linked up with the folks from NYU and UCLA Law that organized the survey and who are doing an extensive research study on the issue. They also developed this video which addresses many of the concerns and issues regarding police incident video.

Community Input on the LAPD’s Video Policy

What should happen if a police officer’s body-worn camera records an officer-involved shooting or other serious use of force incident? Should the video be made public? And if so, when?

The Los Angeles Police Commission is developing a new policy on the release of video footage after such incidents.

The Los Angeles Police Commission Wants Your Input

The Los Angeles Police Commission wants to make sure that its new policy is responsive to community concerns. It has asked the Policing Project at New York University School of Law to gather public input on what the policy should be. The Policing Project will work with professors and students at UCLA School of Law and UC Irvine School of Law to get input from the community and report back to the Commission.

Learn More About the Pros and Cons of Releasing Video

In deciding whether and when to release video after an officer-involved shooting, there are many factors to consider. To learn more, watch the video below, or read a brief fact sheet about some of the tradeoffs involved.

There are also several community forums scheduled on the topic before the survey response period closes on May 7th. They are:

Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:30PM

ONE Generation Senior Enrichment Center, 18255 Victory Blvd., Los Angeles (map)

Saturday, April 22, 2017, 2:00 PM:

Pico House, 424 N. Main St., Los Angeles (map)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 6:30 PM:

Location TBA, South Bureau

Hello. Be A Genius, Register Your Bike With

Yes, I am talking to you. The person who lives at the beach and owns a bike. That awkward thing that takes up space in your house or apartment so you don’t keep it inside… instead you lock it up away from your other typically less expensive prized possessions…. and it gets stolen. Maybe you are flush with cash and it is just a disposable item, replaceable for a few hundred bucks… part of the cost of living in Venice (and all of LA). Or maybe, you just didn’t know and your very personalized, stylish pedal machine that had an awesome saddle, custom bell, and cool wooden basket which you rode through stop sign after stop sign while breezing around the neighborhood is not replaceable, it was part of your personality. Or maybe it was your only way to get to work, or school… and losing it hurts. Well, regardless – bike theft is prolific and thieves rely on you not registering it, or making a police report when it gets stolen. So do yourself a favor. Act ahead for once… and register your bike at . It is a non-profit, and apparently these guys figured out a simple and successful way to make a record of your pushy in the event it goes missing…. 

Makes sense, right? Click here —> to execute … or disregard to keep self-sabotaging your life. 

$10 To Be Amazing & Feel Good Inside

Keychain for Fundraising. Only $10 & Free Shipping. Proceeds helps LA Police Officers Sponsor families in need. Badge Of Heart. Goes to help OUR NEIGHBORS in need. As they spray paint on the side of the pier…. locals only. Help em out! 

Damaged By A Pothole? (Not Weed) Here’s Where To File A $ Claim

Ahhhhh rain. We need it so badly, but it comes with a price. No good deed goes unpunished as they say… so when the rains come and bubble up all the sun-parched asphalt… Los Angeles roads burp up an insane amount of new potholes. So what happens if your car is damaged by a pothole after you spent all that money lowering it, and putting stupid low profile but high performance tires on your dumb Civic, and the coffee can exhaust? Well, if it happened in the City of Los Angeles… here is the link to the online form to (attempt) to make a claim: and if it is on the freeway, CalTrans may, or may not have your back with their form here: .

Good luck with that.

Fire On Flower Sends Elderly Neighbor To Hospital

Here is the full breakdown from @lafd and a video from @_joeanna

Update Structure Fire 01/26/2017

Update Structure Fire; 1:10AM; 658 E Flower Av; Patient is elder F resident with severe smoke inhalation but NO burn injury; In serious condition at an area hospital, the woman told Paramedics she was awakened by a functional smoke alarm in her residence, which gave her the critical seconds necessary to evacuate prior to the Fire Department’s arrival; Fire cause under active investigation; Loss still being tabulated; NFD; – Brian Humphrey

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 01/26/2017

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 12:44AM; 658 E Flower Av; 36 FF’s took 25 min; Confined to excessive personal storage within rear of 868 square-foot 1 story home built 1923; 1 adult F with (unk severity) burn injury taken to hospital by LAFD Paramedics in undetermined condition; Loss/Cause TBD; NFD; Dispatched LAFD Units: E263 E63 T63 RA63 E62 RA59 E269 T69 BC4 E59 E237 T37; – Brian Humphrey

Structure Fire 01/26/2017

Structure Fire; 12:19AM; 658 E Flower Av;; Venice; PRELIM: 1 story home with fire to the rear; Excessive storage conditions; 1 civilian patient being assessed for unspecified injury; NFD; FS 63; Batt 4; West Bureau; Council District 11; CH: 9; 12; – Brian Humphrey

Westchester! Connect This Sunday At The Community Expo w

This Sunday join others in the Westchester community for a neighborhood expo showcasing opportunities for all ages! Services, sports, education, entertainment, volunteer opportunities and more! 1 Day & 1 Place to discover how to help yourself and your community! will have a booth, where you can meet a law enforcement initiative developed by one of your own local officers that is making a tremendous difference in our community. That might sound generic and boring, but one officer, one of YOUR officers started a non-profit for YOUR community… and if you know of a neighbor or family in need… you can visit , tell their story and take steps towards rallying support that could make a huge difference in the life of a person or family in need. Read some of the stories. An amazing testament to what giving can do.

Sunday January 29th 1p.m. – 6 p.m.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

6323 West 80th St in Westchester

This is a free event, and even if you stop by for 15 minutes I guarantee you, you will learn something new and at worst, be smiled at. Can’t make that guarantee for anywhere else in the hood that day. Save an alert and stop by!


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