Got About 1 Million Bucks? Get Yourself A Restaurant Spot On Abbot Kinney

Local 1205 for sale. Guess $12 cold press juice isn’t all it is cracked up to be…

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Man With skateboard Stabbed On Way To Bus Stop Near Windward

For the second time in a week a young male was stabbed heading towards the bus stop from the Venice Boardwalk. Apparently he was approached by am male Hispanic and words were exchanged. The mad was stabbed in his face and was transported to the hospital and will survive his injuries.




Robbery Suspect Wanted For Numerous Crimes Nabbed On Boardwalk

Recognized from a wanted poster – this guy from Lancaster was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Taken into custody by LAPD Pacific for numerous robberies. Bam.



Gang Related Stabbing At Big Daddy’s On Ocean Front Walk

Almost an Easter tradition, a stabbing went down on Ocean Front Walk Saturday night in front of Big Daddy’s Pizza. 2 male blacks described as known drug dealers were stabbed by a group of five female Hispanics who fled on foot. In grand tradition, the victims were combative law enforcement and first responders.






Robbers With Taser Steal Google Glass From Beachfront Resident via @ABC7

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VENICE, Calif. (KABC) — A Venice resident was robbed of his Google Glass after being threatened with a Taser while sitting on his front porch Monday night.

Sam Nicolosi says his roommate was sitting outside, working on his laptop and Google Glass, when a man armed with a Taser demanded the electronics around 9:30 p.m.

“This guy was threatening him with an active Taser, and basically he just felt like being Tased wasn’t worth his Google Glass or his computer, so he tossed it away, and the guy just took off,” said Nicolosi.

The 28-year-old victim, who declined to talk to Eyewitness News on camera, told police the suspect ran through the alley toward his patio.

Just minutes before, that same suspect and another man were walking along the boardwalk when they first spotted the victim and approached him for a cigarette.

“We always hang out in the front, and now we don’t really want to anymore,” said Nicolosi.

Police believe the armed robbery is a crime of opportunity, similar to the increasingly common theft of smartphones.

LAPD officer Louis Lavender says anyone wearing Google Glass could become a target.

“They are a $1,500 pair of glasses. I don’t expect them to catch on like the cell phones are, but they are a hot ticket item, they’re a very small item and very expensive, so criminals will take advantage of that opportunity,” said

In this case, the victim quickly turned over the computers – a smart move, according to police.

“If you’re faced with that type of incident, the best thing you can do is give up your stuff. It’s not worth injuring yourself or losing your life,” said LAPD officer Louis Lavender.

Meantime, residents in the area say they are alarmed by the robbery.

“There seems to be an element coming from the beach from, I don’t know if it’s Hollywood or where it is, but a lot of things have changed, and the beach is not really the beach anymore,” said Pete Kasper of Venice.

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More Opposition To Venice Hyper-Development. Fast-Track Project On Sunset Whizzing Through Process w/o Community Outreach

While I typically don’t chime in on these issues, this particular project has prompted an unprecedented amount of emails regarding how the developer is fast-tracking the project and bypassing community input. I don’t know much about it, but there is an online petition from a handful of locals that would like your help in making sure the project goes through proper neighborly due-diligence. You can find it here!

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Saturday April 26th SAFESHREAD Document Shredding Fundraiser At Ladera Shopping Center

Marina Del Rey Sheriff’s Station Wants to Invite the Community to a SAFESHRED Fundraising Event
DATE:   Saturday, April 26, 2014
TIME: 8am – 1pm

Ladera Shopping Center, 5315 West Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles 90045

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and SAFESHRED invite you to bring your bags and boxes of personal documents for document disposal.  Mobile shredding trucks will shred and dispose of documents on site. Law enforcement representatives will be there to offer tips on how you can protect yourself against identity theft.
* Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station polices the unincorporated communities of Ladera Heights, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica Bay, View Park and Windsor Hills:


Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

13851 Fiji Way

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 482-6000


Community Relations:



Spare A Few Bucks? Teen Paralyzed By Hit And Run Driver In Santa Monica Needs Our Help

Click here for QuickLink to give any amount at

Our friend Ian Imes was hit by a car while riding his skateboard in Santa Monica. He is currently paralyzed in hospital.

Ian Imes has been a huge part of the skateboarding community in Santa Monica, Venice, and Boston. He is an extremely respectful and friendly young man and it is very sad and unfortunate that such a tragic event took place in our neighborhood. He has eight siblings and incredibly loving parents.  The family unfortunately does not have insurance and the hospital bills are going to be an astronomical burden on them. Let’s work together to help pay for his hospital bills and pray for his speedy and full recovery.

As important as any financial help, identifying the hit-and-run driver is critical! Please review the details below and if you recognize the vehicle please report it! It will have front end damage!


How To Deal With The “Wall Sh!t” In The City of Los Angeles

If you live in Venice, chances are someone is going to poop on your property. Yes, human poo. You may see the indistinguishable marks on walls throughout alleys and streets. The naive may think it is mud, but oh no… it is poo. And it is your problem.

If it is on your property… you must clean it. Yes, it is gross. Yes, it is poo. Yes, it is not your poo… but alas, it is YOUR problem and financial responsibility to clean. Yes, someone trespassed on your property to do it. If you want it to stop, build a fence, install bushes, add a bit of barb wire. There isn’t much you can do but deter people from your property. It is NOT a police issue, unless you SEE and/or DETAIN the person taking the poo and make a citizens arrest, which means YOU charge them (since the poo did not happen in the presence of the police) – and you go to court as the victim. See folks, that is the other way things work – the police just don’t arrest people because you say so, and you are done. YOU have to go to court. God Bless America.

If the poo is NOT on your property, call the Bureau of Sanitation Watershed Protection Division. Telephone # is (323)342-1529. Leave a message, and an ADDRESS, Cross Street and be as specific as possible.



Non-Benefits Of Having A Drug Dealer, Pimp, Pistol Whipper, Kidnapper, Hooker & Faux V13 Gang Member As A “Neighbor”

loserThis is Gilbert Courtey. He’s been a Venice resident for a long time, minus the time he has spent in jail – which is apparently a lot. Last week at 4 a.m. he went on a rampage in my apt building. I called the police several times. I asked him to leave, which resulted in him threatening to slit my throat, hurling bricks at me, breaking all the front windows in the building and slashing 2 tires on every car around the entire perimeter of our building. I actually managed to get him out of the building, but mentioning the police were coming sent him into a rage. He became violent and came at me. I was able to defend myself when his fist was about 6 inches away from me but it wasn’t enough to deter a guy who was at some moments calm and at others out of his mind violent.

The next day after the windows were boarded, I wanted a taco. I walked across to Windward and Pacific and there he was. iPad in one hand, fluffy dog in the other with a young Asian female at his side. He starts filming me going “Hey don’t you remember me?” I say no and I keep walking. There was a drunk man down on the street, literally with his balls hanging out. Kids were jumping him with their skateboards and everyone was taking photos. I walked over and called an ambulance for him. While I was doing that, the Asian chick with Courtey comes up an pepper sprays me in the face. They got one eye pretty bad, but I was able to turn around, snap a photo and chase them both. I don’t move fast and my eyes and nose were pouring fluid from the pepper spray, but I got all the way to Danny’s when she booked down Speedway, and I yelled and told people to stop Courtey when he headed into the underground garage at the Erwin. I wasn’t going to go into a dark garage with that guy, and I was exhausted anyway from effects of the pepper spray so I waited for cops and paramedics. When I got home I posted the photo of him, and he was instantly ID’d by neighbors as a long-time criminal that is so bad at being one, he always gets caught. He is known for selling drugs, trafficking girls and being a general low-life.

So, now LAPD knows who this guy is and they are actively looking for him. On Sunday I leave to go have my eyes checked out from the pepper spray incident. I walk out my apt and exit through the back and there he is, hovering over me. He says “Hi Alex”, and is towering over me with a backpack… and right then my friend pulls up and honks. He sees my friend, and runs. I get into my friends car and call 911… when the Asian female exits my apartment building!!! She had been inside waitingScreen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.29.11 PM, watching I assume to alert him to what door I was exiting from. She also had a knife and handcuffs. At this point I don’t know why they were going to bookend me leaving my building, but clearly they were waiting for me and based on their actions so far, I didn’t want to know what their plans were.

If this wasn’t crazy enough already… the guy is also emailing me and messaging me on Facebook. And not just messaging me, but he’s telling me that he is a Venice 13 gang member, a pimp and a drug dealer… and he’s surprised he didn’t know me from the boardwalk but that I should know not to “F” with him. He posts photos of money, and the girls he is pimping on Ocean Front Walk & Craigslist…. but most worrysome, photos of my building, apartment and little shout-outs letting me know he is lurking around and watching me.

Monday morning at 6 a.m. Gilbert was at Main & Brooks and assaulted someone with a handgun. He’s not supposed to have a handgun, but he’s a criminal so that concept doesn’t really seem to stick well with him.  The victim calls the cops and he & his girlfriend/prostitute/accomplice are arrested. My 4 day reign of terror was over. He was charged with 10 felonies:

  • 5 counts of felony vandalism
  • 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon for pistol whipping 2 victims
  • 1 count of kidnapping ( he waited and apparently forced someone back into their apartment and beat them…sound familiar?)
  • 1 count of criminal threats
  • 1 count of  intimidating a witness

The female was charged with an assault with the pepper spray, which was knocked down from a felony to a misdemeanor and she was released. She is ordered to stay 250 yards away from me.

So while the main details of this story unfortunately involve me, the story also involves you. This man, and he is not the only one…deals drugs, lures and traffics young girls and executes a pretty violent life right in our hood. As a matter of fact, our neighborhood and its profile as a busy tourist destination benefit his business. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING. You can do it anonymously. Just give locations and descriptions and get it on the radar. This guy operated out of two Section 8 apartments in Oakwood.

While he picked the wrong apartment building to have a meth-binge in after committing more crimes earlier in the evening… his approach was typical: strike fear in your victim and intimidate them into backing down. I’m not going to play that game.

All I can say is if you have a neighbor that you see selling drugs. Doing drugs. If you suspect they are turning out girls or soliciting them… PLEASE just make an anonymous tip to LAPD. These two were connected to so many other crimes… and more keep popping up. When you turn a blind eye… it grows and spreads in our neighborhood and breeds more issues. So please… see something? SAY SOMETHING! There are many ways to report a crime… and different types of crimes. LAPD can’t be everywhere and see everything and the neighborhood needs your help. It is people like this that attract 20 more people just like them. Hopefully this guy will spend some time in jail but at his age, I think he is past the ability of knowing how to do anything but be a criminal…. and not a very skilled one at that. I’m sure Venice 13 will enjoy learning about his self appointed membership in their organization. Should win him a few friends in prison. Not.


The brick he hurled at me and smashed windows. Tenants were completely freaked out by this guys hour long freakout in our place.



Here’s Gilbert with a dog he implies he stole via FB, looking brisk and fashionable with his iPad as he runs like a sissy after pepper spraying me. Real big man right there.



Gilberts hooker girlfriend who he pimps out on the boardwalk and craigslist. Michelle Chiang. She came prepared with a knife and handcuffs and was waiting for me inside my apt building. Gilbert is charged with kidnapping a guy outside his apartment, taking him upstairs and beating him.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.44.40 PM

Sorry G, had a right to defend myself from you and sorry you missed that appointment with your lawyer…after being hauled off to jail for assault with a handgun. Tsk Tsk.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.28.46 AM

So here is the really sad thing, and a lesson to all you jerks out there who think I hate the homeless. I don’t hate the homeless, I hate criminals and if they happen to be homeless…well there you go. This poor guy was laying in the street drunk with his balls hanging out. People, like Gilbert did here…were taking photos of him. I was the ONLY one who walked over to him and called an ambulance for him. While I did that, Gilbert and his chick pepper sprayed me in the face. Then on facebook he accuses me of preying on that poor guy… I have realized the people who want to think that way will always think that way and I don’t have the energy to care about them. I made sure the ambulance took him and treated him before me, by the way. So F off with your “Alex hates the homeless” bullshit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.27.39 AM

To refresh your memory Gilbert, I tased you and you ran. You threw bricks and missed. Buy you ran without ever laying a hand on me. And when you got your girl to pepper spray me like a coward, you clutched your little dog and ran away again. You are quite the man. Your version of events is insignificant because you are where you belong, in jail, by your own hand. Enjoy that. Your hookers, drugs and baller cash aren’t going to get you out this time.

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