Laptop Stolen By Local Known Thief – $300 Cash Reward NQA


Stolen HP Pavilion G6 silver laptop (it is about 4 years old in beat up, with a crack in the right front corner) and a Black Toshiba Hard Drive (6 inches x 3 inches)

$300 cash reward- no questions asked

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.04.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.04.22 PM

Please call Ken 818-424-5436

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Guy who owner says did the stealing.

Darrell Lawrence stole these items, lives on the streets in Venice.  His friend, white male around 40yrs, white beard, on a red bike with blue tarp is trying to sell it after pawn shop rejected it.  If items are returned, charges will be dropped against him and he will be given $200 as well.  I just want my computer back, please.

Vendors: Your Ticket Isn’t Because You Are Black – It Is Because You F’d Up And Violated The Law

IMG_1524On the heels of troubled Venice Boardwalk illegal vendor Michael Hunt, today another vendor was arrested for selling illegal items. Officers first responded to space #35 on near Westminster and Ocean Front Walk for reports of a vendor selling water. Water is a banned item, and Friday of this past week LAPD began enforcing the amended LAMC ordinance 42.15. LAPD was kind enough to not only give vendors 30 days to become familiar with the ordinance, they even spent two weeks walking up and down the boardwalk passing out papers with the new pertinent changes and warning all the vendors that tickets, fines and subsequent arrests AND stay-away orders will be implemented before the Labor Day weekend. They were not obliged to do so, by the way. That was them just being chummy and nice and giving people a chance to gear up.

Regardless, several vendors like Michael Hunt, and today Garfield Thompson who goes by the street name of Zahib (?) were both ticketed. Garfield refused to sign his ticket, which equals an automatic trip to jail. He was booked and released a short time later. Like Michael Hunt, they both claimed emphatically that they were being ticketed and arrested because they were black. Accusations which they screamed at the top of their lungs while being written citations.

Sorry boys. You are knowingly selling banned items. You are doing your best to skirt the system, which has been documented – and playing the race card is not advancing your agenda. LAPD wrote citations for many, MANY other vendors whom were also peddling banned goods. So how about this… figure out a way like the hundred or so other vendors make money by vending original art / free speech items – or shut the F up. You are not being oppressed by LAPD because you are black – you are breaking the law. Period.

Garfield recently spent a clip of time in the can for a felony also committed on the boardwalk. If you could figure out how to play nice in our sandbox without breaking the law you wouldn’t have quite so many problems – which has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

Your choices guys. Your (bad) choices.

***Regarding the new vending ordinance, many vendors are abuzz thinking that the papers handed out to them detailing the new ordinance were “not official” and somehow will result in them being able to nullify the new amendments and sue The City. Sorry… attorneys have been all over this process. It stands. Sorry… no payday on this one….

Look! White people get tickets too!

Look! White people get tickets too!

Garfields arrest record from today.

Garfields arrest record from today.

Garfields felony arrest from last month.

Garfields felony arrest from last month.

Donation / schmonation - you can't have water dude. Deal with it.

Donation / schmonation – you can’t have water dude. Deal with it.

Perpetual Litigant Michael Hunt Kicked Off Venice Beach For Illegal Items. Adios!

Notorious litigant against the City of LA & illegal vendor Michael Hunt, who most recently spent time in jail for breaking a woman’s kneecap for being in “his” vending spot was ceremoniously ticketed and booted from Ocean Front Walk today. Mr. Hunt, who chronically files complaints against any LAPD police officer that does not do what he tells them to do has been given several warnings over the last few weeks that the items that he has been warned over for years as being illegal to vend, finally don’t fall under any loophole that he can squeeze through. Today was the day, and although he knew it was coming Mr. Hunt stages a combative and uncooperative stance against The City and LAPD in hopes that they will do something that he can file a lawsuit over. However, his lack of intelligence and persistence has alerted The City and LAPD to his tactics, and the latest revision to the vending ordinance 42.15 no longer allows for him to set up and sell soaps, incense, bath salts and his other illegal fare. Vivienne Robinson, a fellow vendor shot video of his altercation with LAPD where he was lawfully cited and told to remove his items. He tried his hardest to bullshit his way out of it, but unfortunately tactics, aside from just being totally annoying – have no grounds. Here are two glorious snippets from the video (also shown below) of Michael Hunt signing his ticket (which he at first refused to sign… which results in arrest) and then packing up his crap and leaving.


Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.57.08 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.58.16 PM

Community Effort ID’s Suspect/Victim In Brutal Venice Boardwalk Fight / LAPD Labor Day Bonus Cops

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.33.34 PM

Thanks to a community member providing critical video of a late-night Venice Beach boardwalk beating and subsequent LAPD outreach, members of the public that saw the clips and news coverage contacted the police and were able to identify the victim and suspect caught on video during the late night fight. LAPD reached out to the two and made contact with them regarding the encounter. No charges were filed but the message is now clear, through new efforts put forth by Mike Bonin, community watch and involvement & LAPD: the boardwalk has a new level of much needed oversight. Resident outcry with a spoonful of ugly press moved the needle into the red, and there is now a new system in place and a plan for increased patrol of the boardwalk area to keep the agitated transient population from engaging in violence.

In addition, today marked the first day of enforcement of the new vending law changes to 42.15. Vendors may no longer have banned items in their vending space PERIOD. Through a systematic patrol today, officers went down the boardwalk armed with a reference list of vendors that have already been warned of the vending changes over the past month. Those who were in spaces selling banned items were ticketed and told to pack up and leave. If they did not leave after having ample time ( over an hour or so ), they would be booked and their items confiscated for presentation at the court date. Numerous tickets were issued today and the process is going to continue all weekend. And guess what… many of the offending vendors are part of the nightly camping transient contingent. The lawless atmosphere is being tackled from all sides including the new community involvement.

Suggestions for residents include:

  • ALWAYS CALL IN CRIME! 911 for a crime in progress, 1-877-ASK-LAPD for non-emergency crimes
  • TWEET YOUR COMMUNITY: Social media gets the word out FAST, @copy @venice311 and @lapdpacific to raise immediate awareness. MANY first responders follow these accounts
  • Take ownership of your property and lock / secure your home & belongings.
  • PAY ATTENTION: Don’t get lost in your phone when walking out in public

Also, expect to see a “beyond sufficient” number of officers at Venice Beach for the Labor Day weekend, according to Patrol Captain Nicole Alberca. Narcotics, vice, vending & general stupidity will not get lost in the crowd this year.


French Vogue Reveals The Splendor Of New Rose Hotel Remodeled By Owner/Photographer Glen Luchford

For you fellow residents, you surely remember the Rose Hotel on Speedway & Rose as a hostel/meth shack. Not the kind of “funky” that even most OG claimers wanted to lay claim to being a beloved spot in the neighborhood.  During our Sunday graffiti cleanups I can’t count the times that we saw drug deals pass from window to alley while casually passing by. When a missing teen from the midwest was rumored to be in Venice, when we helped her family find her she confessed the showers there were amply available for transients in exchange for drugs.

No more.

Fashion photographer Glen Luchford snatched up the property and has remodeled it with a tasteful and stylish touch that puts a comfortable, laid back yet luxurious touch to an area flanked by drug addicted homeless. Not sure if he is aware that the Ozone public restrooms are slated for a delicious remodel in the next year or so. Things are coming along nicely. Thanks Glen & Company!

Read about the stylish overhaul in French Vogue: (images courtesy of Vogue article)

the_rose_hotel_du_photographe_glen_luchford____venice_beach__315923736_north_883x the_rose_hotel_du_photographe_glen_luchford____venice_beach_873696597_north_883x the_rose_hotel_du_photographe_glen_luchford____venice_beach_11473166_north_883x the_rose_hotel_du_photographe_glen_luchford____venice_beach_312291244_north_883x