Brutal Stabbing Leaves Mercedes Manager In ICU – Help If You Can

Got an email and was shocked to read that Will Bailey, who works at Mercedes Grill and is a fixture on Washington Blvd. was stabbed in the heart twice on Tuesday night, May 24th outside of Cabo Cantina. Seems that Will and the guy got into some kind of scrap, and the guy sent him to the hospital with multiple stab wounds to the chest putting him in ICU. The stabber is in jail, booked on attempted murder.  Needless to say, Will could use our help. Click here for a link to his GoFundMe page. He’s going to be out of commish for a while and could use all the help he can get with recovery.

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Venice Families In Need Could Use A Bit Of Help – Operation Holiday Wishes

LAPD and the Pacific Division boosters reached out to our local schools who helped them identify some families in our area that could really use some help this holiday season. I know emotions in our often conflicted neighborhood run high, but this is truly an opportunity to realize what we can do when a community works together, and these families can really use the help. Their stories would break your heart. Please, please toss even a days coffee money to this cause and help show some warmth and put a smile in the hearts of some families who are struggling in our neighborhood right now. The GoFundMe page can be found here —> .

If you would like to know more or get a bit more involved, LAPD’s beach officers will be going up and down the boardwalk each day handing out flyers for Operation Holiday Wishes. We have an awesome beach unit led by Sgt. Skinner and they are working hard to help these local families and get the word out. If you would like to participate and post a flyer in your business or hand some out please send an email here and officers will visit you, let you know the stories and set you up.

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What is Habit Forming Crime?



  1. Finding – (Unlocked Doors & Window).


  1. Finding (Valuable Left in Plain View)


  1. After Commit A Burglary, Going Back To That Same Neighborhood & Finding More Residents & Business in the Habit of Leaving Their Doors & Window Unlocked & Having Their Valuables in Plain View.

When the 3 situations above exist, you will find burglaries increasing.


Whenever you remove the 3 situations above, you will find burglaries decreasing.

When we post on Social Media for an area to beware of potential burglaries, we are NOT saying that that particular area is a bad area.  NO.  We are only Alerting the Community that certain Criminal are being Motivated by the 3 circumstances listed above.

Please Be Alert & In The Habit of:

  1. Locking Your Doors & Windows
  2. Keeping Your Valuables Concealed & Secure
  3. Asking Your Neighbors to Do The Same



Date: Thursday, 2/12/15

Pacific Neighborhood Watch & Community Burglary,
Burglary from Vehicle & Auto Theft Alert!

Due to recent burglaries and thefts, all neighborhoods should take special precautions; however, here are some areas in Pacific that are considered as potential targets:

Venice & Main
Rose & Ocean Front Walk
Market & Ocean Front Walk
2800 Blk of Ocean Front Walk
Westminster & Main
Venice & Pacific
Main & Rose
Paloma & Speedway

Lincoln & Rose
1600 Block of Oakwood
1500 Block of Abbot Kinney
Main & Rose
Abbot Kinney & San Juan
Abbot Kinney & Venice
Abbot Kinney & Westminster
Broadway & 6th
Broadway & 5th
800th Block of Marco Pl
Electric & San Juan

Sawtelle & Palms
Sawtelle & Venice
Centiinela & Venice
Lincoln & Rose
11100 Blk of Queensland

Venice & Clarington
3300th Block of Keystone
3600th Block of Keystone
Venice & Jasmine
Venice & Venton
Venice & Sepulveda
Palms & Sepulveda
Mentone & Sepulveda
3200Blk of Carter
3200 Blk of Military
9600 Blk of Exposition
3700 Blk of Cardiff

Maxella & Lincoln
Marina Point Dr. & Lincoln
Jefferson & Playa Vista Dr.
Gilmore & Short
5300 Blk of Playa Vista Drive
800 Blk of Oxford

Venice & Inglewood Ave

7100 Block of Flight
Alvern & La Tijera
La Tiera & Arbor Vita
Flight & La Tijera
Century & Aviation

14A73 –
La Tieja & Lincoln
8700th Block of Pershing
7500th Block of 80th Street

If you see anyone lurking around vehicles or property that do not belong to them, please call 1 877 “Ask LAPD” / 1877-275-5273 right away. If it is an Emergency, always call 911.



LAPD Bomb Squad Vehicle Kills Transient In Dense Fog

Just after midnight and LAPD Bomb squad vehicle struck and killed a transient on Culver Blvd. near Jefferson Blvd. Officials believe heavy fog contributed to the crash. There is no crosswalk or pedestrian access where the person was struck. The officer apparently stopped his vehicle and did not realize he had struck a person until getting out of his car to see what he had struck in the roadway. The officer was headed home from his shift when the accident happened.

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What To Do When You Encounter A Sea Lion On The Beach – Domoic Acid Poisoning Season

Originally published on May 6th, 2011.

This season is already shaping up to be one of the worst seasons yet for sea lions, pelicans and other marine life suffering from domoic acid poisoning. This is a condition that occurs when fish eat algae that naturally blooms in the ocean. When sea lions, dolphins, pelicans and other marine animals ingest these fish, it creates a neurotoxin in their system which causes seizures. If the animal is rescued early enough, through treatment they can successfully recover and be reintroduced back into the ocean. Unfortunately others suffer from this often fatal condition.

If you encounter a sea lion, elephant seal, pelican or other marine animal on rocks, a guard tower, on the beach or out of the water DO NOT APPROACH THE ANIMAL. Contact a lifeguard immediately. Make note of the size, approximate weight, location and general condition of the animal. If a lifeguard is not nearby, call 1-800-39-WHALE to contact Marine Animal Rescue. Marine Animal Rescue is the only professionally trained and permitted organization that is able to drive a specialized vehicle on the beach to rescue sea life. Marine mammals are federally protected, and it is against the law to be within 50 ft of them even if stranded. Also, these animals, although very cute, carry a range of harmful bacteria to humans and dogs and have a very powerful bite. They consider humans to be predators and can strike quickly with great force if approached.


A sea lion that has frequented Marina Del Rey for years was rescued last year and has been cared for at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro. His story was featured on NBC as follows:

Imagine caring for a 750-pound bull sea lion who’s totally blind. That’s what staffers at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro are doing, as they try to find him a permanent home.

The sea lion’s name, appropriately enough is “Big Guy,” and because of his blindness, he can’t be released back into the ocean.

“Big Guy” was first brought to the care center more than a year ago, suffering from both his blindness and a large gash in his mouth. He’d been found on a Santa Monica beach.

The care center staffers are hoping that a zoo, aquarium or other facility will take him.

If you’d like to make a donation to help the center continue providing care for “Big Guy,” you can find out how by going to the center’s website at

The staffers say you can also stop by the center and drop off a donation. The address is 3601 S. Gaffey St., San Pedro. You can also call the center at 310-548-5677.

Recognize This Wavecrest Porch Burglar?

Category: Crime
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Not the greatest photos of not the greatest guy – but maybe you recognize him and the universe can smite him.

Beloved Fastback Mustang Stolen :(

My 1966 Mustang Fastback was stolen today. I was a Venice resident for the past 5 years and recently moved down the Blvd to Palms/Culver City. She has been my baby for 12 years, since I turned 16 and I am devastated by her theft. If you can please post and help raise awareness, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!



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