Beloved Fastback Mustang Stolen :(

My 1966 Mustang Fastback was stolen today. I was a Venice resident for the past 5 years and recently moved down the Blvd to Palms/Culver City. She has been my baby for 12 years, since I turned 16 and I am devastated by her theft. If you can please post and help raise awareness, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!



Boardwalk Artist Nick Marr

Category:Arts & Culture
Location: Los Angeles, CA

A few times a month I get emails from folks who have visited Venice Beach, and regret leaving without that special item they saw on the boardwalk. Usually the artists are hard to find, but today I got lucky and the artist in question was right where the now distant traveler said he would be. I put the two in touch – and bam – SOLD! Nice to see good things come from what the boardwalk vending spaces are for!