Bike Thief w/ Felony Warrants Shaved Serial # Off Bike -Still ID’d & Arrested

Today a witness saw a guy steal a bike that is known to belong to a local bike rental shop. (They buy many of the same bikes in identifiable configurations.) The thief made fast work of altering part of the serial number – but the bike shop owner was abler to present LAPD with the receipt, model, color and partial serial number that all matched the bike. The suspect also had multiple felony warrants outstanding. Here is the bad part… The bike owner didn’t want to press charges because it is a hassle. It is possible that LAPD can still make the charges stick with the testimony. This clown knows the system though… And how to play the game. Sucks- wish the owner would press charges and see it through.





Fight Leads To Stabbing At Basketball Courts

This morning around 8:30 a.m. Two guys got into a fight at the basketball courts, and one stabbed the other. A witness video taped the fight. The victim refused treatment from fire or to give a report to LAPD BUT the witness was able to testify to what happened and will go to court so the suspect can be charged. Typical of the boardwalk. Lots of violent street crime and the thugs walk free. Not this time. Thanks to a wit coming forward.



Audio Of Deadly Lightning Strike In Venice Beach

Was recording instructions for a friend on how to set up her email, when the deadly strike hit. Thought the building next door blew up.

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Lightning Turns Deadly In Venice Beach

Originally we had confirmation that two beach goers were dead and over 13 injured when a lightning strike hit Venice Beach by the Venice Beach Pier yesterday.  A scuba diver was struck, and was unconscious and not breathing when rescued. He was revived at scene and transported as others were treated at the beach while LA County Fire searched for a missing swimmer. As I spoke with the LAFD Battalion Chief he said they were searching for one additional body in the water. That person was pulled from the water and administered CPR. It is not clear if that person or the scuba diver have fallen victim to their injuries. Have not heard back from family member who confirmed the second death. At this time the coroner is confirming only one fatality.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.52.45 PM













Man Stabs Self At Drum Circle – Bleeding Profusely

UPDATE: person reports below that the man stabbed himself – fought cops and was tazed.

LAPD was called to the super-small drum circle today after a male was stabbed. Cops stood by and waited for LAFD to transport the man who was reportedly bleeding so profusely that officers requested constant updates as to the status of LAFD arrival. The man was transported condition unknown. No word on suspect. Photos courtesy of @timogeo



Pedestrian Pinned Against Barnes & Noble After Car Lunges Into Building

A pedestrian reported to possibly be a teenage girl was pinned against the building in front of Barnes & Noble at Glencoe & Maxella. LAFD arrived to carefully remove the injured person who was transported to the hospital with what seemed to be severe injuries. LAPD at scene with driver… more info when available.

Thanks to EA Michalak @EAM_5 for the pic from twitter!

Thanks to EA Michalak @EAM_5 for the pic from twitter!



Another Bike Thief Fine Portrait Suitable For Framing

The artist captures the forlorn, tedious misery of the man who makes his living stealing from you. Set up surveillance and capture your own to add to the Summer 2014 bike thief series. Limited number of prints available in September.

If you see this clown, call the cops, aprés flipping him off. And if you see the bike… Do the same.



Couple Wacked Out On Drugs Claims Neighbor Trying To Kill Them W Hot Gun

Hello Crazy… it’s been a while! Today around 6:45 p.m. a call came in to LAPD from a caller saying that their neighbor was pointing a weapon at them, and they were afraid to exit their apartment on Fiji Way. LAPD responded but the caller hung up and no further details were available, so LAPD left. Then a few minutes later the caller asked that LAPD re-respond, and that the neighbor had broken in, burnt his girlfriend with a hot gun…and that they were now barricaded in their bedroom… and that the neighbor was trying to burn the door down with a hot gun. Upon further pressing by the LAPD dispatch operator, they continued to claim it was a “hot gun”… first big red flag that the caller is either 5150, on drugs, or in a totally F’d up situation.

An LAPD airship hovered overhead as officers made entry. They needed to bust the door down with a hook & ram… and all they found was a 20 yr old female and some dude totally wasted on drugs. No male black with a hot gun anywhere in sight. Taken into custody. Under the influence, 911 abuse. 12373 Fiji Way. Make a note of it.

Here is crazy call:

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Thanks to @strawberrycough for the apt rattling image.

Dear Mr. DICK, Please Return The Biology Notes You Stole After Car Break In

From Angelica. If you want to be kind enough to return the items, or if you find them discarded somewhere please email us at

My car window was smashed sometime last night/this morning near Broadway & 6th. My backpack was stolen, which had all of my school books and notes in it. While I’m lucky it wasn’t anything really valuable, I am now at risk of failing my classes (because I now don’t have the materials that are due next week). This makes me angry. My car window needs to be replaced now too. I want to report this because I am like the 4th victim this month. My neighbors car was broken into a few weeks or so ago, and then there were two break ins last week on my street. I feel like something should be done about this because it seems to be a pattern.
Also, if anyone happens to find a bunch of bio notes, a lab book, a copy of “Subliminal”, or a black nine-west backpack, please let me know! I can’t imagine they have much street value.

image1 image2 image

Infamous 4-20th Building Apt Up In Flames From MethHead

UPDATE: Via twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.31.20 AM



Around 3 a.m. Reports came in for a person screaming in the alley at 20th & Speedway. Turns out the guy was reportedly screaming because he was high on meth and had lit his apt on fire – and was stuck on the balcony as the flames poured out. LAFD rescued him from his balcony which was a raging inferno. He was taken to Marina Hospital with minor injuries. He admitted at scene to starting the fire. LAFD evacuated the building and put out the flames which were still smoldering 2 hours later. Arson investigators were on scene…. Residents were with LAFD & LAPD in the parking lot by the paddle tennis courts trying to figure out next steps. Big mess. Repairable. No permanent structural damage.

IMG_0196 IMG_0133 IMG_0168 IMG_0058 IMG_0043 IMG_0028 IMG_0022 IMG_0187 IMG_0055

Firefighters put up a ladder to get screaming meth-arsonist down from his handywork

Firefighters put up a ladder to get screaming meth-arsonist down from his handywork


Thanks to Rebekah for the snap!

Thanks to Rebekah for the snap!


Another crazy awesome photo from @timogeo

Another crazy awesome photo from @timogeo