TOMORROW! Have Breakfast At LAPD Pacific Station & Get A Tour

Ever wonder where all the bogeys on the boardwalk go after being arrested? Well tomorrow is your chance to get buzzed on maple syrup and pancakes and take a tour of LAPD Pacific Station. Meet some cops, see the community room, and maybe even see a few idiots that get arrested between 5-7 a.m. hooked up on the bench. $5 at the door. Win a raffle prize!

8 a.m. – 12 noon

12321 Culver Blvd, Intersection of Culver and Centinela.

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Parking On The Street Near Abbot Kinney Is Not Breaking The Law

Look, people do all kinds of shifty bullshit, but parking in a street parking space is not illegal. Street parking spaces aren’t for the entitled, they are there for anyone to park in on the age-old who gets it first basis. Why focus your anger on someone legally parking and going to WORK? Enjoy the success and growth of the area as it increases property values 2-3-4x.


Rough Seas Slam Boat Into Marina Jetty – 1 Airlifted With Injuries

A treacherous water rescue via air-ambulance happened today on the Marina Del Rey jetty. A powerboat caught in the rough surf was slammed against the jetty seriously injuring one person. The air ambulance landed on the jetty as the victim was loaded into the over-sized chopper and carried to the hospital. The sheriffs towed the boat back to the station. The number of passengers and condition of victim is not known.

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LA County Lifeguards Run Over Female At Venice Breakwater

Around 4:30 this afternoon an LACoFD lifeguard truck was reportedly responding to an emergency call when it ran over the body of a female in her 20’s who was sunbathing on the sand. The female and a companion were just adjacent to the Venice Breakwater tower. The victim was transported to a local trauma center and is reportedly in stable condition but did suffer significant injuries. LAPD West Traffic Bureau is investigating the incident.

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