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  1. Linda says

    How do we get skateboarders off the walking area of the boardwalk… everyday its a problem, scaring dogs and almost running over small children. I enjoy my relaxing walks but now its become a maze of dodging teenagers on skateboards.

  2. Faith Kelly says

    Once again our Pacific Div. Police go against the Venice locals. Don’t they understand that were not scared of the Gang members, were scared of the Pacific Div. Police. Now that’s a great shame!!! We are suposed to feel good about our LAPD, not be afraid of them..!!!! So Captain what’s up with your team???

    • jody monkarsh says

      I’m really concerned about the pot drs between n. venice and 20th. they are out of control with the signs, the tape loops, the touts working for the dispensaries.
      who can I go to? they are on both sides of me and they battle each other over the customers. they promote across the boardwalk on the benches. the promote to everybody; kids, tourists, families.

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