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Venice 311 is a non-profit organization ( 501(C)3 status pending ) dedicated to improving neighborhood safety, awareness, and reducing grime. Our online reporting system enables users to fill out a report on many of the most common municipal, safety and neighborhood issues unique to our beach city – and know that the report will be routed to the proper city or county office for resolution. In many instances, such as local graffiti, we go out and paint over it or remove it ourselves! Our goal is the help Venice to Shine On!

When you fill out a report you can safely enter your email address, and when the problem is resolved you will get a return email letting you know that you helped Venice Shine. From potholes, over-sized mattresses and trash, broken sidewalks, flooded streets or illegal encampments… we refer to and comply with the current local laws and municipal codes for reporting issues and violations in and effort to keep Venice beautiful and safe for residents and visitors.

In addition to our reporting system, Venice311 is a resource for all the things that make Venice great. Local beach and park information, the Venice Boardwalk Artists and Performers,  Merchants, Restaurants, Hotels, Abbot Kinney and all the resources for new residents… you will be able to find the answers about Venice here!

Shine On Venice!

Venice 311 was organized by a group of residents who decided that taking pride in improving our wonderful seaside community was truly our responsibility. Everyone seemed to be under the impression that “some entity” was taking care of our neighborhood. What we discovered was that unlike the rest of Los Angeles County, or The City of Los Angeles – Venice is truly unique! With the ocean, the beach, the park, the boardwalk, and the neighborhood … our 3.1 square mile area that attracts over 16 million visitors per year, and is the second largest tourist attraction in California ( upstaged by Disneyland! ). It has so many municipal entities overlapping one another that often it is impossible to figure out how to get something done. Well, we figured it out! Now Venice 311 will make sure your graffiti is removed, that the mattress obstructing your garage door is gone, and that when you have visitors in town you can easily find a great spot to ride bikes and have a delicious meal. We do, because we can! If you see us painting over graffiti on the weekends, helping dump the trash along the boardwalk or carting a sofa or mattress in our special electric buggy… be sure to say hello! Shine On Venice!

Have a question? Email us!

If you have a question about Venice Beach, ask us and we will do our best to find the answer and get back to you via email!

Address: 333 Washington Blvd. – #131 – Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292

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