The Beach!

The Venice Beach oceanfront extends for approximately 2.6 miles, from Navy St. south to the Marina Harbor inlet. ( See green area on map below )

Venice beach has a sandy bottom and is a great area for swimming and surfing. Weather and conditions are moderate for swimming all year round and Venice has a very active watersports community that includes surfing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, kayaking and swimming. In the busy Summer months swim areas and surf areas are designated by the lifeguards to ensure that everyone can enjoy the water safely.

The beachfront area to the North near Rose Ave. is known for the weekend drum circle. The areas from Windward south to Washington are the local surf breaks. The most popular surfing spots are the Venice Breakwater and the areas just north and south of Venice Pier at Washington Blvd. The beach area from Driftwood south to the Marina jetty is a very unpopulated and quiet stretch of beach if you are interested in relaxing with a book and enjoying the ocean view. Volleyball nets are located in several areas along the beach. Visit the sports and recreation facilities page for directions to the volleyball net areas.

For a majority of the local laws and rules pertaining to Venice Beach visit the municipal codes page for detailed information, but here are a few important things to know when visiting the beach in Venice:

  • No dogs allowed on the sand, on the beach or in the ocean.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach.
  • No cooking, BBQ or fires are permitted on the beach.
  • No smoking is permitted on the beach or anywhere in the park or sand area.
  • Please don’t litter! Keep our beaches and oceans clean!

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