Drum Circle

The Venice Beach Drum Circle happens almost every Saturday & Sunday throughout the year on the sand near Brooks Ave. & Ocean Front Walk. Due to the unfortunate amount of illegal infractions that occur at the drum circle LAPD has had to monitor the situation closely, and the circle is closed by LAPD at sunset.

While the drum circle attracts hundreds of people who wish to play their drums and dance as part of this iconic festivity please note that the following are not permitted on the sand or as part of the drum circle and may result in a citation or arrest:

  • Smoking of any kind
  • Open container of alcohol and/or alcohol consumption
  • Glass bottles
  • Drug sales
  • Fighting

A homicide took place several years ago at the drum circle. We encourage that you plan for safety, do not bring many expensive items with you. The drum circle can be very loud. Please bring ear protection for yourself and any minors that may be attending with you. Be safe and enjoy Venice!

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