Have you ever wished you had more than one phone number to the police station?

Download our free mobile app and you will have the cell phone numbers to all Senior Lead Officers, their email addresses, Pacific Detective phone numbers, the phone numbers to all LAPD Divisions, Police Tow, Santa Monica Police Department, Culver City PD and more.

You will also get a video library of Safety Tips and more…….


Happy Holidays!


Tony Newsom

LAPD Pacific Directory

Hello everyone.  I wanted to give a special Shout Out to Alex Thompson for letting me post from time to time on Venice 311.

My name is Tony Newsom and I am a Los Angeles Police Officer in Pacific Area.

Tonight, I just wanted to send you an e-version of our social media networks.

It’s getting kind of late and I’ve been up since 5 this morning so “good night” for now.   Oh yeah, stay safe!



Senior Lead Officer Information For Your Area

Pacific SLO Information: ( Map at bottom )

Coordinator: Sergeant Merlo – Cell Phone # (310) 482-6334

Basic Car 14A11 Venice Beach District
Senior Lead Officer Peggy Thusing – 310-622-3968

Basic Car 14A13 Oakwood District
Senior Lead Officer Kristin Delatori – Phone # 310-322-6370

Basic Car 14A25 Mar Vista District
Senior Lead Officer Marci Garcia – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3973

Basic Car 14A27 Palms District
Senior Lead Officer Juan Ceja – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3975

Basic Car 14A45 Marina District
Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3971

Basic Car 14A49 Mar Vista District
Senior Lead Officer Drake Madison – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3972

Basic Car 14A67 Century Corridor
Senior Lead Officer Ruben Garcia – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3976

Basic Car 14A73 Westchester District
Senior Lead Officer Tony Ramos – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3978