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Graffiti Of The Year Award

Cleaned this while doing graffiti cleanup today…


Wolverine At Venice Beach Gets A Chat From LAPD

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Not Part Of The LAPD Carnival – Par Of Our Carnival

Not Part Of The LAPD Carnival – Par Of Our Carnival


Hungry Man Snatches Purse At Hama Sushi – Happy To Go To Jail And Get Fed

Today a disheveled homeless man who claimed to be hungry, went into Hama Sushi, snatched a purse and ran down the street. He was apprehended by people from inside the restaurant less than 25 yards away. While apprehended, the man said he did it because he was hungry and he was tired of being hungry. He then claimed he was happy to go to jail because he would at least be able to sleep and get some food. LAPD officers told the man that if he was ever in need, there were many options available to him for free in the City of Los Angeles. He could even call 911 from a pay phone rather than commit a strong arm robbery.

Neighborly Correspondence Via Written Word. Priceless.

Thank you, @elteebonecabron


At least they didn’t throw it on the ground


Male White, Overalls, No Shirt, With An Axe…. (Abbot Kinney if you can believe…)

Check this out on Chirbit

Yes, he did have an axe. Two of them. They were plastic, but they were huge and they sure looked real. Also, the call came out just after midnight. Also, not much employment around here for lumberjacks.

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