GLORIOUS Day for Vending At Venice Beach

After weeks of distributing the new vending ordinance and three days of full LAPD deployment on enforcing the new rules – today is the first sunny warm weekend of the “new” boardwalk vending, free speech and performing. It is awesome!

There is plenty of open space, vendors can no longer block the ocean view and true artists are present and enjoying the crowds and commerce the way the west side was originally intended. Carol – long time fortune teller was given a citation for not uprighting her umbrella after being warned. Carol is a trooper and despite getting sassy with the officers, she is expecting a meeting with the Lt. later today.

LAPD expects rule breakers to slowly crawl back, but vow to stay on top of enforcement. The weed guy even had open space to beg. The “Downtown Clown” is back after years of being away too! Fabulous!





  1. Is the umbrella thing in the ordinance? I don’t remember reading that. What about canopies? I can just see people trying to stay out of the sun throughout the day, especially during summer. Constantly having to shift ones self, the umbrella, and art. Besides needing to protect your body from the heat of the sun and daylong drenching of it’s rays, art work will also suffer from constant exposure.

  2. It’s how you celebrate people being put out of work.

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