Male Reportedly On Meth & Armed On Motorcycle In Custody [AUDIO] [VIDEO]

Today police were called to a home on 7th and Brooks for a report of a young male black, armed with a shotgun and a steel handgun who was high on meth. The suspect took to a small black motorcycle and left the location leading police on a brief tour of Oakwood before returning back to the original location where he lives with other family members.  The suspect finally walked out of the residence but did not comply with officers when told to put his hands on his head at first. He was quite defiant as people screamed and told him to put his hands on his head. He did finally comply and he was taken into custody. Three other family members were detained, then cleared once the area was searched. As the suspect was being led out of the house he was yelling at a female he identified as his mother who was clearly distraught. Police were have said to have visited the home many times in the past.

Audio and video (coming shortly) from the incident is below.

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