City of Los Angeles Stormwater Services / Illegal Dumping

If you see illegal dumping in progress, dial 311 immediately.

To report illegal dumping for City cleanup click here to fill out the online report.

Illegal dumping into storm drains is a huge problem. Used motor oil, discarded food, trash and other debris are just some of the items routinely dumped into storm drains throughout the city. Curbside catch basins are the entry points of the storm drain system, which eventually discharges out into the ocean. Additionally, catch basins filled with debris can create unhealthy conditions in residential neighborhoods by becoming a breeding ground for rats, roaches and disease.

Residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping by calling the Stormwater Program at (800) 974-9794. Please note: after 5:00PM and before 7:00AM Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday the 800-974-9794 will roll over to the City’s 311 number.

You can also report Illegal Dumping in your neighborhood by visiting the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Sanitation.


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