LAPD Pacific 32nd Annual Boosters Charity Golf Tournament – Video by Tony Vera

The Pacific Area Boosters Association raises money to support the community, the police and youth. 100% of the money that is raised helps support the following two youth programs that are offered at the Los Angels Police Department, Pacific Community Police Station:
DAPS โ€“ Deputy Auxiliary Police The DAPS program was created to help boys and girls, ages 9-13 develop a positive relationship with the Los Angels Police Department through education, personal development and community services activities. Supervised by Pacific Division police officers, the youngsters meet weekly after school at the Pacific Station for participation in sports, field trips, craft activities, and community service projects.
CADETS โ€“ Law Enforcement Cadets The Cadets program is for young men and women ages 14to21whoareinterestedinservingtheir community by assisting the police and learning basic police skills and procedures. LAPD Pacific Division officers work with theseyoungpeopleweeklyto developleadershipskills and discipline. Their participation in community events and diverse special projects provide invaluable service to neighborhoods and local businesses.
Donations are also used to support the Pacific Division Los Angeles Pacific Community Police Station in crime prevention and community relations activities. In addition, money is also used for scholarships that are given to the young men and women from local high schools.


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