Reader Question: How do I go about selling food on Venice Beach?


Reader Daniel asked us via email:

How do I go about selling food on Venice Beach? What’s the number to call, and how much does it cost?


Selling food of any kind is illegal on the boardwalk or on the beach unless you are in a licensed establishment. Although there are fruit and ice cream vendors along the boardwalk, they are executing those sales illegally and are ticketed, cited and often have their equipment confiscated. The health department needs to be able to inspect food preparation and eating areas. This prevents companies that do not pass minimal health requirements from preparing and selling food to the public, which could cause people to become seriously ill.

For more information you can refer to the Venice Beach Park Regulations.

Thanks for the question Daniel! Sorry about the bucket of ice water of an answer, but there are places along the boardwalk to open up an eatery!

Illegal Ice Cream Vendor on Venice Beach. All food sales must be regulated and the health inspector must be able to inspect any facility selling food.


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