Toxic Trash & E-Waste Clean Up This Saturday!

Got a few gallons of paint in your garage that have been sitting in your garage or shed for a while! Well Saturday is your day! The ” Too Toxic To Trash ” Event will be held at Dock 52 Parking lot off Fiji Way in Marina Del Rey.

If you have electronics, latex paint or other items that may be reusable, you might consider posting them on LACoMAX. It is easy and beneficial. Click here to find out how.

Here is what you CAN bring:

Lawn/Garden-Care Products
Bug spray
Weed killer
Paint and Paint-Related Products
Latex/water-based paint
Oil-based paint
Turpentine paint stripper
Rust remover
Paint thinner
Automotive Fluids and Batteries
Used motor oil and filters
Gasoline and diesel fuel
Auto body repair products
Windshield washer solution
Brake and transmission fluid
Lead acid batteries
Metal polish with solvent
Beauty Products and Medicines
Beauty Products
Alcohol-based lotions
Isopropyl alcohol
Nail polish and nail polish remover
Hair relaxers, dyes and permanents
Products in aerosol cans
Household Cleaners
Household Cleaners
Ammonia-based cleaners
Oven and drain cleaners
Floor care products
Aerosol cleaners
Window cleaners
Furniture polish
Metal polishes and cleaners
Tub, tile and toilet bowl cleaners
Fluorescent lights
Mercury thermometers
Photographic chemicals
Lighter fluid
Shoe polish
Fiberglass epoxy
Swimming pool chemicals
Moth balls
Mercury batteries

What you CAN’T bring:

Hazardous waste and electronic waste from BUSINESSES

Explosives, ammunition and radioactive materials

Trash and tires

White goods such as refrigerators, stoves and washing machines

Controlled substances

How To Prepare:

Brine items in a sturdy box, preferably in their original labeled containers.

Do not mix items together ( i.e. paint and motor oil )

There is a limit of 15 gallons or 125 pounds of hazardous waste per trip

Be prepared to leave your containers and boxes.

For a complete listing and other event related information visit or call 1-800-238-0172.

More information is also available at

Permanent Centers
All residents of Los Angeles County may utilize the City of Los Angeles S.A.F.E. permanent collection centers (various) or the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (in Palmdale) to properly dispose of HHW/E-Waste FREE of charge.


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