New 85.02 Prohibits Living In Vehicles In Residential Hoods

Good news for those who haven’t had every shred of optimism squeezed out of them when they step outside and look around their neighborhood. Apparently the LA City Council passed a new and improved L.A.M.C. 85.02 on Friday which will prohibit people from living in their vehicles including RV’s between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in residential areas. The notion brings me back to the days of LAPD enforcing the prior ordinance which effectively removed over 250 RVs that were clogging the streets of Venice, and that was just west of Lincoln.

Then LA’s fave homeless attorney sucked a few more million into her coffers litigating against it and related laws which brought them back in droves. Residents revolted, and were able to petition for OVO signs (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) which prohibited vehicles over 7′ from parking between 2-6 a.m. – which did little good. Recently after getting messages from several residents about RV’s not getting ticketed on street sweeping days, I left my car parked between a line of 3 RV’s on Strongs Drive behind my apt. I got a ticket. The RV’s did not. Explanation from the Council Office was “They can’t pay the ticket anyway – so we aren’t ticketing them.” I was in shock. If I don’t pay my tickets, I can’t register my vehicle. So why do these fools get a free pass? How does the City know who can and can’t pay, and gives them a pass based on that? Aside from being disgusted over that… setting an alarm and calling Parking Enforcement to get an oversized RV ticketed did ZERO. They rarely if ever responded. There are 16 large vans, trucks and RV’s that park around just my block, have for over a year or more, and move only on street sweeping days, and move right back… violating the 72 hr parking rule.

So, apparently this new 85.02 update which The City believes will shield them from another 9th Circuit ruling is the new cure. That is, if LAPD enforces it. And if you were around in the prior days of the old enforcement of 85.02 … how do you “prove” someone is sleeping in their vehicle or living in their RV if they don’t “answer the door” or open it?

This of course will require LAPD to be trained by the City Attorney on the new ordinance, how to write tickets so they don’t get tossed, blah blah blah. I would suggest letting your local area Captain know this issue is important to you, and ask about what the plan is.

Listen to Councilman Englander comment on the sitch here.

John Hefner, 48, had been living on the street for three years prior to being able to move into an RV last December, parking it in Venice. A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned L.A.'s ban on homeless people living in vehicles. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

John Hefner, 48, had been living on the street for three years prior to being able to move into an RV last December, parking it in Venice. A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned L.A.’s ban on homeless people living in vehicles. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

Help Badge Of Heart Give 500 Turkeys To Local Families In Need


From  where you can also read more & donate!

On November 19, 2016 Badge Of Heart is preparing their 2nd Annual Turkey Drive for 500 deserving low income families from the Communities of Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, Westchester & Culver City.

These families will be identified by Police Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (Pacific Division).  In addition to Officers we have also partnered with our local Schools & Churches to help us identify these families.

However, none of this could be done without the help of our Community and Corporate help.

We are seeking to raise a total of $10,000.

The money raised will buy us 500 Turkeys, side items and “It’s for the kids” gift items for this Holiday season.

This wonderful Community event will help those, who need it the most during this Holiday Season.


If you have any questions or want to help Sponsor this event, please contact Officer Ken Lew at

Join The Vigil For Hailey Clement Venice Pier 5:30 p.m. & Wear Something Purple

Hailey Clement died tragically this past weekend in an auto accident exiting the 405 S at Venice Blvd. Please join her friends & neighbors remembering her tonight (Tuesday) at 5:30 p.m. At the Venice Pier – and wear something purple, her favorite color. 

Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Johnson – Now Upland Police Chief  Accused Of Stealing Campaign Signs

Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Brian Johnson left his position as a Captain to become the Chief of Police in Upland California – and was caught on video with a female stealing campaign signs for a medical marijuana initiative.  While some signs were in the public right-of-way, many were not … and the person video taping the event thought it was an odd thing for the actual Police Chief to be doing in his City vehicle with a civilian passenger. Watch the story HERE

Mike Fino – Man Who Sucker Punched Woman In Venice In Custody

The man who sucker punched a female outside Windward Farms market in Venice last weekend is now In custody. Mike Fino was quickly identified when we released the video and photos last week in an effort to identify him for the victim who suffered significant injuries as a result of the attack. 

Mr. Fino was aware that he was being sought. Recently released from prison, his parole officer was advised and a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. Authorities were unable to locate him at his listed address and he was reportedly not responding per the conditions of his parole. He reportedly notified agents associated with his required parole reporting that he intended to turn himself in. It is not clear yet if he turned himself in or if he was arrested, as there has been an active search to take him into custody.

Mr. Finos prior convictions include sale of meth, receipt of stolen property and burglary with enhancements. He will be charged with felony battery resulting in significant injury from the videotaped altercation where he punched a female last weekend in Venice.

You can see the video here: Man punches woman & knocks her out in Venice

Drunk Driver Deuces Into Creek In Marina Del Rey Off Roma Ct.

At around 4:20 p.m. a man driving an older Chevy Tahoe straight down Roma Ct., which is just one block, and decided to just keep on going…right up a curb, down a narrow sidewalk path, across the bike path and into the creek where the truck came to rest on a bunch of rocks. The driver was taken to the hospital accompanied by LAPD because he was drunk as a skunk… while other officers waited for tow to come and pull the truck out of the creek. Thanks to @ebutterfly, @trixywh, @darrenewood & @izacmann for the epic pix!screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-5-12-18-pmctzoljavuaali35drink

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-5-11-30-pm ctzrewiuiaaxrkv

RIP Bill Pettis – Venice / Muscle Beach Fixture Found Dead In Pennsylvania

Most people who knew Of Bill knew the disheveled, often drunk older man dressed in a pee stained saggy Speedo, with overlapping fake gold bracelets, unlaced sneakers with no socks…holding a radio to his ear blasting scratchy AM radio disco & oldies – regardless of the weather. I was behind him in the bank one day – with him on a bus to downtown another … all the while people snapping pix and populating social media with sad photos of a man still clinging to days long passed. 

One day the guys from Rec & Parks told me his whole story … showed me pictures of him when he trained with Schwarzenegger, and was the face of the 1984 Olympics. Despite looking homeless and boozy – he was ever present and seemed happy, which is more than I can say for many.  After living in LA and visiting Venice almost every day for decades – Bill’s family bought him a bus ticket home to Pennsylvania for a family function. He was found dead a few days later, this past Tuesday, in a creek bed. No foul play involved. 

RIP Bill. You were part of this place, and always will be.

Learned of Bills passingLearned of Bills passing here 

More on Bill:

LAPD Mag did an article here on him too…

MI Person

For several years Laura Ann Tull has emailed me, associating me with a myriad of her abstract rants. I believe she is mentally ill, and I find it very sad – but I also find it disturbing to have been a focal point for this woman’s attention for so long. Recently I received a string of 11 rambling emails with attachments, that was also cc’d to several other people with the title “Turning Venice 31 into the police” I have attached them all below in order received.

Her web presence is highlighted here:


From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 10:12 PM
Subject: Turning Venice 311 into the police


I have over 900 pages of Twitter attacks.  I have a law degree and a masters in arts management.

Today a woman kicked me out of vegans with hashimotis and she lives in Marina del Rey and I’m being attacked by some bitch telling me that I’m dirt.  The Venice sisterhood they call themselves.  They say I’m a pedophile.  I’m evil.  I need to find love and give up being Buddhist.

All of which is insane.  I am buddhist.  I am not a GOP supporter.  I did go to law school.  I do have a theater degree from McDaniel College.

And if this woman who kicked me out of the vegan group when I’m being attacked by a girl who keeps calling herself a vegan yogi knows anyone in Blake’s world I’m likely to sue her.  Because the woman she says I attacked I blocked days ago.

I send out the Twitter attacks to people and I get cut off from the support I need.

Let me tell you something.  I don’t have a home to go to.  Los Angeles is my home now.  There is no me leaving. I am not trash.  I’m a well read woman who is educated.  Not some slut who thinks the way to be an actor is to get naked or get a boob job or plastic surgery.  I’m not going any where because LA needs intelligent good people and less Asswhole.  It needs people willing to call out bullies like the monsters they are.
I’m special and I’m smart and I am good at acting because I can feel.  I know pain.  And I’m sick of people trying to make me feel like the dork with no friends.  I’m sick of having my actor friends taken away.

And I need to get healthy.  But I’m not going to get healthy if I’m forced to give up being vegan when I may have cancer.  I’m not evil.  But what the union is doing is evil. What 311 did was evil.

What you Justin Sandler & Sean Hill did was evil.  And Katy I really am a lawyer resigned and an actor trained.  If tje police harass me anymore because you Asswhole think I’m lying and crazy ill get a lawyer and sue you and then.

Watson is Madeline Albright Son in Law.  I was a Democrat in law school.  I have never been a Republican.  He was my teacher I believe Contracts and Criminal Procedure.  I’m not sure he may have also taught me Constitutional law.

Sorry I really was not crazy.  I am who I am.  And I’m not a baby boomer.  I’m the same age as Jason George and you get than Dempsey.  I have never been a pedophile or a fraud.


I am an actor and I did go to law school.

Watson was my teacher.  Ken Inouye and Bruce Falk knew me when I was working at American & at CUA.  I never committed a fraud.  I can’t ride a bike. I was on set for 5 years.  I am not out to scam anyone.  After everything I have been through I think it is insane that you people here want me to kill myself because I’m not a sex object and There for not an actor.  I have more talent than you know.  Don’t judge me unless you take acting with me.  And I am phi beta kappa.  I was a theater honor student.

She also attached this .pdf which appears to be an 80 page list with notes of all the people who she feels attack her on twitter, with copious notes.


From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

This is an image of my father Katy.  He is a Republican. I am not.  He is a former government agent. He was officer in charge of Nogalis AZ.  He taught me gun safety.  I hate guns. And I told Katy in 2012 that my father terrified me and how he was a gun collector and had wanted to me to die or give up acting. Yet she claims I did not say I was going to get a gun. I never said that.  But the police thinks I said that.

Katy I’m angry.  I’m emotional.  But I have never hurt anyone.  And I did not shout out of turn at that meeting.  I was assaulted by the security guard and the police never charged me with a crime.

And you Katy.  Got hired by Grays Anatomy the year after the union put me on a hold saying I’m not a lawyer with a JD.  I am a woman with a theater degree and I JD.  I am not a fraud.
From: Laura Ann Tull<>
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 11:47 PM
 Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

This singer followed me on multiple sites yesterday.  Yes I am a prude when it comes to the exploitation of women.  I’m an actor.  This to me is trash. Guys got a good voice.  His lyrics and presentation are trashy.  I’m not trash and I’m not intetesred in trash.

I know good music.  I played the piano from 6 to 10.  Ken Inouye take a look.  You may think different.  But you know I have an ear.  This guy is no Dave Mathews or Hootie.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 4:37 AM
 Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

I wanted a future making film and working in the arts.  I hate the legal profession. I hated it. I’m not committing a crime.  I was fighting to do things that made me happy and made me want to work and want to make money.  This psycho telling me my parents are ashamed and I need to grow up.  Grow up to hate life my job and not have friends because some bastard wants me to be a GOP person and not play or have fun.  I stopped day dreaming because of there attacks.  I stopped writing theater reviews.  I stopped editing.  I stopped submitting to auditions.  But guess what there are no jobs I want using me law degree. There are no men or jobs or people I want back in DC.  As to my parents I would not want them at my wedding or at my funeral.

And Katy Kurtzman I want to know who got you hired to work at Grays Anatomy in 2013.  April 2013 it aired.  Called Sleeping Monsters.  Eric Dane was gone by then but Patrick Dempsey was not.  I was not an Asswhole.  They were.
Emails from Arne Star staying that I was escorted off set.  A lie.  Ask Jeff Olan.  He knows that is not what happened.
Arne says Eric Dane thought I was weird.  I never talked to him. Cynthia Youngblood did. She was there working until 2014 at least according to IMDB.
So how of all the actors in Hollywood did you end up working the one show that told me I was on a list.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 5:12 AM
 Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

And Tim Campen im including Dan Kramer in this.    I’m never riding a bike.  I’m.never running a road race.  Running used to be my thing.  That accident I had in 1997 screwed up knee. Stick a fork in your knee cap and you will know why I got 2 D’s in the fall of 1997 in law school.  You jerks.

Dan offered to help me.  People kept referring me to him.  He sent me to a lawyer who gave statutes to look up.  I have no law firm.  I have no fund for court fees.  And DAN Kramer.  Blake shields  has a sister named Josie Kramer.  I have an incurable AI disease.  There is no me working full time.  There is no me eating take out or processed food.  I have hashimotis.  Vilgiltete.  And possibly the onset of arthritis.  I was sick.  The blood records from my hospital stay in 2012 show my TSH was a 6+ and 4 is normal.  I was SMC studying editing and photo shop.  I do have a law degree.  But I had a theater degree and a Masters in Performing arts.  The police can not put me in a hold of get sick.
I want to sue the union and ABC for blacklisting me.  I did not commit a scam when I was working on sets.  Read the attached document.  I’ve been attacked by over 100 Twitter accounts since 2014.  This person started attacking me the day the NLRB dropped the charges I filed against Grays and ABC and sag aftra.
I was in no way running a fraud on the studios.  I wanted to spend the rest of my life on studio lots.  I was happy for the first time.  I liked myself and I loved life.  You and everyone want to convince me I need to get a real job with job security so I can get married and have kids it is too fucking late.  And I’d never marry a man in a suit or from the east coast.  I’ve always liked earthy artsy guys.  I’ve always liked talented gifted men.  Not boys.  Men.  I was never in love with anyone in lawschool.  I felt violated and used by men in law school.
I am not going to be punished anymore for being an actor.  I’m not going to ever be a lawyer again.  And if I can’t be an actor there is no point in being anything in the industry.  But there is no me being any thing.  I don’t want to help people. I don’t want to fucking save the planet.  If I’m.going to fucking labelled a fucking weird dork than I don’t like myself anymore And I have no reason to want to live.  If fucking beat up the therapist who tried to convince me I didn’t earn my union card and I wasn’t experienced enough to work.  And the cops and a psychiatrist can’t cure me when I have a disease that is incurable.  I need the union to let me be a  full member. I need ABC casting people to stop insinuating I’m lazy or that I need to move to NY where I’d be physically unable to walk with my illness and bad knees let alone act.  That happened.  I have an email from a woman who after I did a workshop w/ an ABC actor told me she was proud I was standing up to a corporation that doesn’t always respect the law.  She knew that casting agent was slandering me.
Read the attached.  I’m not crazy.  Trying to drive me to suicide is crazy.
I love cold reading.  I had people who cared when I had cancer.  Fuck you for telling me ill have to leave la to act.  I had actor friends who believed in me here.  If I can’t be sag aftra and be on sets
Doing theater you don’t leave anything of you when you die.  I need a reason to live. I’m not having kids.  Ill never have love.  Because I’m never loving anyone If I can’t be an actor.  And If I can’t make film and tv there is no me existing after I die.  So I don’t have a reason to want to fight to work.  I’ve had the reasons I lost my breasts taken.
Look at the attached photo Tim.  Me.  Notice no nipples.  I had ductal carcinoma.  I was bleeding from my breast.  Fuck you for telling me I fucking have to leave la.  No one is touching my breasts but Lisa Cassileth.  And you Asswhole don’t want her to touch me because she’s a celebrity doctor.  Fuck you.  Because no one is fixing my breasts if they fail but her.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

And who is telling comedians to fucking follow me.  I’m serious about acting. I was trained in realistic & dramatic acting.  This is Harrassment.  Disney needs to stop.  Ugly women do comedy? I’m not ugly.  And I don’t want to be funny or be a clown.  I don’t watch SNL. I don’t. I watch the x files.  I watch Syfy.  I watch drama.  I like vampire movies.  I do not want to entertain.

Read this I knew Carolyn Barry.  May she rest in peace. But I never went to her events involving comedy.  I was not interested.  I am a drama queen.  It is what I was trained to to do.
Attached letters of reference from back east.  Everything on my resume is valid.  I’m not a fraud.  Not my economics teacher from college says I’m good at economics, art , acting and law.
She attached these images:
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:19 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police
Attached is a letter from my college theater professor. My life has been about acting. Cutting me off from sag aftra and accusing me of fraud. Is pushing me to suicide. I don’t want to be laughed at.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:29 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

Letter of recommendation from access news net where I was a news media producer. All the attacks have left me so screwed up I’m terrified.  And I’m sick of being had lit by ABC & Disney to be a comedian.  That is not who I am.  I’m an actor.  .

I was with TAG for over a year.  Full access to their directory.  I even met a woman who I’ve text who knows Paula malcomson.  I had an idea for a tv show.  She connected me to a woman who was going to work on it with me until she asked me about Eric Dane.  I even drew up a contract and she wrote her address on it.  It was a cop story about a police officer who infiltrates the mob in LA in the late 70s after his wife is murdered.  But wait I’m a silly looking girl who hasnp talent and There for I should go back to DC and be in cubicles.
I’m a good person.  Who believes in sustainability and giving back.  And standing up to bullies.  And who is not going to be happy unless I get to choose the jobs I apply for and have the right to bein the industry I love. I like TV.  I like serious films.  And I’m never going to beintersted in being gay, going to bible study or in hanging out with people not into acting.  I have spent years writing review for online publications and I was not known to do comedy.  I focused on classical theater.
What your doing is fucking evil.  It is evil.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 6:58 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

I worked on sets for years.  Central erased my file like I was never on a set.  They told me There client said to get rid of me.  I worked 72 weeks before I got my card.  I worked on sets while bleeding from my nipple from cancer.

I have documentation vouchers and or pay checks for every day listed on my blog site.
I earned my union card.
I have a theater degree.  A masters where I studied casting and performing arts and TV acting. I’m a photographer too.  I worked in Theater at the Kennedy Center & the Washington Area Lawyers for the arts.  What I’ve gotten is stalked by the sierra club to work for them, comedians when I studied realistic acting and drama.  I was an honor student.  And I need to be making 20 an hour and people who have worked with me in the past have said I’m worth more than 20 an hour. But I’m also sick.
There is no job or career for me to mitigate my damages to when I’ve been cut off from everything I’ve loved about life my entire life.  I’m not someone who decided to try to be discovered to be an actor.  I’ve spent decades of my life and money I earned my self to train to be an actor and work with actors.  My community is actors.  Someone saying no actor would work with me when I auditioned and got into TAG in Burbank.  I auditioned and got into AADA.  My life in college was acting.  And most actors here in LA are not from LA.
And my troll wants me to not be able to get a job here in the arts or back in DC.  If I was not nice to this person it maybe because they are not nice.  Just read the Twitter attacks.
From: Laura Ann Tull<>
Date: Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 7:13 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

My life on sets first 6 months of 2004.  I was liked. I had a life. I don’t want church on Sunday a husband and a 9 to 5 job.  I didn’t train at SMC to scam anyone.  I’m better at editing than I am at law but I’m not going to take a job editing trial videos or reality TV when my background is in story telling and I’ve studied film script writing.  Someone pushed a job on me years ago and my resume at the time did not say I’m a lawyer. I hated law.  I hated it.  I would rather die on the streets of LA or cancer than have anything to do with the law.  I quit.  My vagina will never being to afucking attorney. You’ve made a mockery of the conatitution.  I want to talk about uta Hagen and the 4th wall or character arcs or objectives and goals I want to talk about human emotions and the human condition not power games and politics.  I love acting and actors.  I AM AN ADULT I CHOSE MY LIFE PATH.  LAWYERS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FORCING ME TO BE A LAWYER AND GIVE UP EVERYTHING I’VE WORKED FOR. I WILL NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS IF I LOSE SAG AFTRA.  I WILL NOT HAVE ANY CAREER GOALS TO LIVE FOR.

MY MOTHER SAYS IM NOT ALLOWED ON SETS BECAUSE I CURSE.  THAT IS RIDICULPUS.  ON DEADWOOD the word cocksucker was used everyday day.  I didn’t say it.  But the actors did.  I am sick of being told I have bad behavior which is code for, I keep saying I’m am actor and Jeremy Gilbreathe molested me.  TO BE exact he put his finger up inside my vagina when I was asleep and I woke up with him trying TO push into me.  Ill live with that memory for the rest of my life.  I think about a future without acting or actors or film tv or being on a studio lot. I relive what that bastard did.
I would get violent if you made me work as a lawyer. I’d have dreams about wanting to take a baseball bat to everylawyer in the office.  Is nightmates of being raped by a lawyer because I’m not allowed to myself.  I’m not allowed to say who I am.  IM AN ACTOR.  FUCK YOU ALL.
From: Laura Ann Tull <>
Date: Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 8:14 AM
Subject: Re: Turning Venice 311 into the police

My Twitter troll calls herself the sisterhood of Venice.  There is a sisterhood.  A jewish one.

Assaf Cohen.  Woody Schultz.  The current President of Sag AFTRA.  Illyanna Kichevan.  Jeff Olan. Eric Dane.  Eric was the one who called me weird.
They are all jewish.
These are from 2016

Laura Ann Tull <> AttachmentsJul 25 (2 days ago)

Im not staying out of Venice. I have been attending the Venice Art Crawl since 2012. I met a writer who works on a local paper only to have my email contact stolen from my purse. The police know Im really a former lawyer. No i am not employed. Im a student at sMC with a GPA of 3.7 tired of being sexually harraased by a woman online who has threatened to rape me and slash my face. Now she is telling me venice 411, and i assume 311 will find me. Exactly what authority does 311 have over Venice? Im not OCD but i am educated and im sick with an incurable autoimmune disease. Venice 311 knows who has been threatening me and it needs to stop.

Now im sorry but Blake Shields is a yoga teacher who spent years unemployed and admits that. Im trying to build a life here and im not giving up acting for that. I was going to Venice when Blake was living in the Palms.

I just got asked to help a woman in venice at her store. Is that entrapment? People there know me. This is my home. Im happy single and im not giving up my friends or the things i like to do. Now maybe i do not have the kinds of friends i hang with and i fly solo. But this is not healthy for anyone. And i have an incurable autoimmune disease. I will not be forced to work places or be in an office down town because some crazy bitch thinks she owns Venice and im.after Blake.

Attached are some of the attacks. Note the actor Olmos is following me. He has been doing so for a long time. Like way over three years. I do not harrass or bother him at all.

Now i did go to law school. I do not think that counting as grime is legitmate. No i do not have a career and i suspect the people involved with my blacklisting are in Venice since Jordan Marks who i dated when he lived in Burbank now lives in Santa Monica. I created the idea Artistic Hope and was in Venice before i even knew Blake was there and im tired as a woman being told where im allowed to be by a small handful of elitists in the Venice Community, namely who ever this woman is obsessed with Blake. I have not seen Blake since 2013 when i went to laughing frog studio to talk to him. We talked for an hour. Yet i go to Venice two or 3 times a month. It is not right if Blake can come also to my part of town namely Verdugo bar. I am a girl who is a trained actor. I went to the west side because i had a table reading for a film. Andi should not have to defend myself to this person or to anyone. I am a person being denied the right to work and be around people who seem happy to see me and want me to be in their neighborhood.

Laura Ann Tull <> Jul 25 (2 days ago)

Im basically saying that this girl is saying she is with Blake and if so i want the police to interrogate her. I want her name and information so i can file a restraining order on her and i want to be able to give her name and info to Twitter so they can permanently ban her. I also want to file charges against her for reckless endangerment. Im sorry Blake. But i should be allowed to be here and in Venice without being threatened because you live there to. Im a digital artist and i was a writer for the examiner. My career is acting and editing. My law background is entertainment. This is Los Angeles. How much of the aentertainment community is in Venice? I told John Carol Lynch in an email i was staying away from Blake but that does nt mean im staying away from places i enjoy being. I used to even get emails from the Venice business community because i wanted to make artistic hope into a non profit if i met the right people. Then i got attacked over and over.

Laura Ann Tull <> Jul 26 (1 day ago)

This is inhale venice.

Im artistic hope. My site is temporarily down as i am moving it but Blake Shields knew aboit it back in 2013. I wanted to give back to the arts. I have a masters in performing arts management. I was trained in art theory yet i am being attacked over and over by someone on twitter telling me i cant be in Venice.

Please note inhale happens to be doing a joint show in Virginia Beach VA. I was born there. My attacker keeps bringing up my family. Ive been denied opportunities in the photography department at SMC after i happened to take pictures of a vocal teacher at the Rose room not knowing about inhale.

Im not going to have a career because ive been defrauded and abused here by the police not believing i have a law degree and psychological abuse on line. Im an actor. This is wrong. I want to know who my attacker is. I want the police to do there job and stop harrassing me when my stalker has said they will make millions off my ideas which is when i rralized this person must be part of inhale venice.

Laura Ann Tull <> Jul 26 (1 day ago)

to noah, Mary, kwhitiker, Duncan, info, Judy, evandenb, yogiblake, lapdonline, Blake, info, ken

The following is an email to the police and people here in the acting community. Im tired of being victimized by members of Venice and being manipulated by people here over a guy who did not reject me. I wanted to stand on my own for once rather thsn this archaic view that i as a woman have to be owned by someone.

Id like to point out that Jason George who is on the union board happens to be from Virginia Beach VA and ive been attacked for over a year. Inhale Venice did a joint show with a gallery in Virginia Beach. I also kept being attacked every time i did photos with the LA Photo Gang. The lead girl happens to live in Venice and went to SMC as a photography student. Im sick of being discriminated at SMC and in the community here. I do not do drugs. My father is a former narcotics agent for Customs.

Some of the staff of the Rose Room also are affilited with the Venice Full Circle Church and they are part of the Sanders movement. Im for Sanders but my attacker keeps saying im an RNC mole. Im not the one committing the fraud. Im not a cali born local so im being abused and slandered over and over. I got invited to help someone in venice at their shop but im going to be attacked every time i go by someone who wants me to stop stalking Blake Shields. Yet everytime ive been attacked Blake has been out of town and on a retreat.

I have the right to be single. I do not want a man in my life. I want an acting career. I am sick. I do not need the stress of having to take care of a man. To me that is what having a man in my life is, extra stress. This should be criminal. Blake Shields slandered me with his play Double Bind and i want restitution or feel like i should sue him for slandering me at this point. I worked on Ocean for 17 days. Ask Kean Kronin he was my boss. Was Blake Shields on that set? No. I love acting. I need acting. If made money id invest in studying acting. Ive had several teachers give me offers. Im tired though of being abused if the teacher happens to be affiliated with any show Blake Shields has worked on.

I was offered work by people who go to the full circle. I turned it down because Blake did yoga with them. I want autonomy but i did not come to cali to forced to be in Downtown LA or to be in a law office and to be banned from sets by the women here because blake shields is NOT the center of my world. I am.

This has to stop SAG AFTRA. Or is it ok to drive a sick woman to her death. To black list her and drive her out of town. I hate the fact that women like me are called the B word for protecting ourselves from being used.

I suapect Mona who is in this email and worked with me on Grays Anatomy you know who is attacking me too as you questioned why i go to the west side. Because the acting program at Los Angeles City is imposdible to get into unless you commit to an AA degree in acting & i had a theater degree. At SMC i could take classes online. But as an adult with my own goals and identity i am sick amd tired of my life being questioned. I love acting but not interested in the

skills to quit acting and do something else because only men are allowed to pursue acting after the age of 30.

I am sick of being manipulated and attacked and harmed emotionally and mentally by this person. I do not want to date crew. Why? Because as a woman i do not wantto be stuck in a relationship with a guy and not be allowed to work with other people because he thinks he owns me. And i am tired of people in the Venice Community pushing gay women in my direction. I am not gay.

Criminal negligence is what im talking about. I now understand why im.being barred from the union. Because im a single woman amd therefore i must want to sleep my way into an acting career. Ive been celebate since 2006. Im tired of being pushed out of an entire community because of eletism and by someone who thinks PHI BETA KAPPA is a sorority not the oldest honor society in the country. Im tired of being called a stalker when ive seen Blake 3 times since 2005 and yet i go to Venice 2x a month probably on average since 2005. Ive been at SMC taking classes for 11 years. Talk about bigotry.

Laura Ann Tull <> Jul 26 (1 day ago)

By the way can i file a restraining order against Blake Shields. He does not own the Rose Room. And im sorry but he played a cop on TV that does not mean he has the rt to subject me to abuse or that the jewish community of Venice has the rt to treat me horribly either. I have told Blake i was into Soto Buddhism. He studies with George Haas. Everytime ive informed him what i am doing i get harrassed or do not feel safe by comments from people in that community. If he knows who is doing this he needs to give that person up or my next step will be to request an order since this person attacking me says i need to stop stalking him when i am doing the things i want to do FOR ME. I cared about Blake at one point. I do nt want to have to take this step but im tired of my rts being violated. Im tiredof being abused so i cant get work. Im tired of being mistreated at Venice. At Wandetlust in Hollywood. As a woman im tired of being abused for a guy who asked me out. Im tired of people not having faith in me as an actor and artist. Im nkt interested in being an AD or manager simply because im a woman with a law degree while men can pursue what persue goals they want.

Laura Ann Tull <> 9:22 AM (4 hours ago)

This is cynthia youngblood. Her phone number once published on imdb is 323 691 5222.

Cynthia Youngblood

She was a stand in on Carnivale. Her ex boyfriend John Ponzio tried to hook up with me while dating her in 2003. Then when i started working on Grays she shows up as a stand in. She got cast on the show bc she worked the show as basically an extra. I never called her a slut. I just said i didnt sleep with John and she apparently knew about me beforeanyone told me about her and would flirt with John on set in front of me. I told John off but continued to sometimes work with him. I stopped caring because he was not good enough for me. Cynthis however kept getting into my business on set and trying to get me into trouble until finally i complained about her to casting on Grays for her to leave me alone.

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