Pacific Neighborhood Watch Burglary & Auto Theft Alert!


Date: Thursday, 2/5/15

Burglary and thefts have increased in Pacific Area this week.

Many of these crimes are preventable.

When a criminal gets away with a crime, he/she generally returns to the same area to strike again. Especially if they believe they can obtain easy access via unlocked doors and windows.

Due to recent burglaries and thefts, here are some areas that are considered as potential targets:

14A11 – (A large Increase in Burglaries / Thefts)
Venice & Main
Rose & Ocean Front Walk
Westminster & Main
Venice & Pacific
Main & Rose
Paloma & Speedway

14A13 – (A large Increase in Burglaries / Thefts)
Lincoln & Rose
Abbot Kinney & San Juan
Abbot Kinney & Venice
Broadway & 6th

Sawtelle & Palms
Sawtelle & Venice
Centiinela & Venice

Venice & Clarington
Venice & Jasmine
Venice & Venton
Venice & Sepulveda
Palms & Sepulveda

Maxella & Lincoln
Marina Point Dr. & Lincoln
Jefferson & Playa Vista Dr.
Gilmore & Short

Venice & Inglewood Ave

14A67 – (A large Increase in Burglaries / Thefts)
Alvern & La Tijera
La Tiera & Arbor Vita
Flight & La Tijera
Century & Aviation

14A73 –
La Tieja & Lincoln
8700th Block of Pershing

If you see anyone lurking around vehicles or property that do not belong to them, please call 1 877 “Ask LAPD” / 1877-275-5273 right away. If it is an Emergency, always call 911.


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