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Tony B. Conscious, known to many around the world simply as “THE GHETTO VAN-GO” is one of the Hottest political, HIP HOP, HISTORICAL and spiritual pop artist on the west coast , and probably in the world.

Crowned in the nineties on Venice Beach in California, THE NUMBER ONE AND HARDEST WORKING ARTIST ON THE BOARDWALK, he has been doing this style (which he has named and patented “FLY DYE ART”) for a long time.

Inspired by JEAN MICHAEL BASQUAIT, this “Aerosol Avatar” uses spray paint, handmade self created stencils, acrylic, lacquer, wood and ??? to create some of the most memorable one of a kind masterpieces one would and could ever find anywhere on the planet…

“It’s not airbrush, and it’s not tie-dye…”


About Tony:

Tony B. Conscious
Hip-Hop / Funk / Rock / Soul / Spoken Word Artist

A renaissance man (Harlem Renaissance that is), TONY B. CONSCIOUS
is the personification of AFRICAN-AMERICAN culture.

He is (amongst other things) A B-BOY, BEATBOX,EMCEE, GRAFFITI/VISUAL ARTIST (known as “THE GHETTO VAN-GO”), Poet/ Spoken Word Artist Vocalist, ACTIVIST, VEGAN VEGETARIAN and PHILOSOPHER.

AS a member of THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION, THE TEMPLE OF HIP HOP and AGAPE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CENTER, he seeks to use each and every element of HIP HOP to inspire, educate , motivate and redirect the inner-city youth and the HIP HOP COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE to a place of balance, harmony, creativity, PEACE & LOVE.

He has not only worked for the OBAMA campaign (coined “The Obama Hip Hop Hype Man”), he has also been on stage and on tour with KRS-ONE, GRANDMASTER FLASH, KOOL HERC, BUSY BEE, PUBLIC ENEMY, KOOL MO DEE, GRANDMASTER CAZ, PARIS, TUPAC and ERYKAH BADU just to name a few.

HE is and will be, until he passes on to the next dimension, truly the personification of HIP HOP, Poetry, Funk & Soul music.
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