Venice Random Piano At 19th and Ocean Front Walk

Was walking the dogs, and saw a piano. Not that seeing a large piece of random anything along the boardwalk is a surprise… but I read about the random piano project earlier and was happy that Venice was a recipient!

Our piano art project piece is at 19th and Ocean Front Walk. Play on…

From the LA Weekly
“Launched on April 12 after more than a year of preparation, the pianos are all over the city, including L.A. Live, UCLA, USC, the Santa Monica Pier and Union Station. The goal is simple: to bring people together by creating the opportunity for spontaneous music-playing. The pianos are available 24 hours a day for the next three weeks, and anyone is invited to play.

The program, sponsored by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, features pianos donated mostly by the Hollywood Piano Company. The uprights are decorated by local artists and community organizations, turning the pianos into works of art ranging from Chinatown’s colorful dragon (perhaps a bit too on the nose?) to an evening skyline at Plaza de La Raza in Lincoln Heights. Each piano comes with a protective plastic cover in case of rain.

Once the program ends, the pianos move on to schools and community groups, or are auctioned off. While New York and other cities have had more pianos, Los Angeles’ pianos have a wider gamut of community involvement, from local artists like Frank Cubillos to organizations such as the Braille Institute of America and Homeboy Industries.”



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