Bonin Urges For New Law To Remove Dumped Homeless Property, Offers Interim Storage

Today Councilman Mike Bonin and the LA City Council sent a motion to the City Attorneys office to draft a new law for removing dumped items and unattended homeless property from City streets and sidewalks. The motion states that, “the city needs to have a cleaner, faster and simpler process to removing unattended property from our sidewalks.”

Interim storage will be provided to the homeless to allow them to store their items in a safe location, which will help provide the legal latitude for removing abandoned and compiled items from City Parks and areas such as Venice Beach. Bonin noted that this is not limited to Skid Row, but is an issue that has plagued areas of the City and has become a growing problem, particularly in Venice Beach.


$ Where Mouth Is – Petition For More Cops Ain’t Gonna Sign Itself

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Was chatting to a well known local City leader this afternoon who alerted me to the fact that a petition that he and other City Officials are monitoring to get more cops in Venice only has 87 supporters. For a neighborhood of ~40k, that number isn’t going to move the needle for Chief Charlie Beck to send more of his resources this way. So, Venice, if you really want more cops in the neighborhood to increase presence and help drive down crime… SIGN IT. I never thought City folk paid attention to these things… but apparently they do.

View petition & sign….

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