LAPD vs. Man on PCP – Video by Tony Vera

On Wednesday morning LAPD encountered a man on Pacific Blvd and Mildred who was acting erratically. He fought with the officers, resulting in one officer putting out a help call. Multiple units arrived. He became combative and was tasered, and once at the hospital continue to put up a fight with doctors and those trying to treat him. The man was believed to be under the influence of PCP.


Pirate Bicycle

Pirate bicycle.


Peeing in the street NOT just a luxury for the homeless…

Instead of using the bathroom, which this gentleman’s house on 27th and Speedway surely has… he decided to pull over and pee in front of his neighbors garage. He sped off when he was screamed at through the intercom. Hey, pissing in the street isn’t just a luxury for the homeless!


Drunk, peeing bear.

Venice: It isn’t ok to pee in the street in broad daylight with your hoo hoo out. Even in a cute bear hat

The Tsunami That Wasn’t At Venice Beach

Hundreds crowded the parking lot at Venice Pier this morning to watch the impending tsunami. Radio stations and news agencies were interviewing people as many gazed upon surfers and boaters waiting for the incoming wave… but it never came. Lifeguards were on hand with a small rescue raft, L.A. City Fire station 63 had an engine and a ladder truck and LAPD had many patrol cars and a chopper. The coast guard chopper was circling and they had many boats in the water also. Several surfers were running out to catch the big one… either way it was a beautiful morning to be out and paddling around. The pier will re-open later this morning.

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The Taco Truck Is Missing!

If you have driven down Rose…. ever…. you have seen the famous Taco Truck. Well, apparently someone took it, and the people who own it want it back. It was last seen on Rose Ave. between 3rd and 4th. It is white with blue ventilation hoods and ” La Isla Bonita ” hand painted signage. Owners say it needs medication, and a reward is being offered. If you see it, email

Rickety Rickshaw


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