Want To Get Arrested? Try Getting Drunk And Punching A Cab Driver.

So the other night Tony Vera heard a call come over the police scanner. A drunk man tried to hail down a cab. He was so drunk, the cab driver refused him service. The drunk man became hostile and then punched the cab driver.

Physical violence is no solution people. Just gets you a black and white cab ride to jail.

No Dead Body – Just Gary

Around 6 a.m. on Monday a call came over the LAPD scanner saying that a tourist couple saw a dead body face down in the sand. Unfamiliar with the area, they just said it was in the sand by the bike path between Washington and Venice. At that time of day, no beach sand equipped units are on, only patrol cars… so I rode my bike to the Lifeguard tower to tell the guys who operate the sand kings to be aware of a possible body in the sand. The one guy said he had just done a run from Washington to Venice and didn’t see anything.

As I rode my bike back towards the pier… this guy was sitting in the middle of the bike path, with a full bottle of vodka at his side. He had just been woken up from sleeping, face down in the sand. After our conversation he informed me that he loves Venice. He said in Santa Monica, the police don’t tolerate letting you sleep wherever you want, but in Venice nobody cares. By the way… Gary was awesome. Very funny, very honest. Super nice guy.

Drunk Female Transient Attacking People On Venice Boardwalk

Tony Vera shot this video last week on the Venice Boardwalk of a woman who went into GOOD SEE and started freaking out on people. Looks like she may have picked up a new pair of shades too! She has assaulted me in the past, our graffiti cleanup crew, and now Tony Vera too!


Hold on to your butts

I will never get it.


Got 1/4 Million? Buy This Ghery Designed Gazebo. Metal + Salt Air = Art

From LA Curbed:

It’s hard to believe, but starchitect Frank Gehry only ever designed one gazebo (according to decorative arts sale site Modern One, anyway). The nine foot tall steel and copper piece was designed in 1983 and was originally housed inside Rebecca’s Restaurant in Venice, which a 1986 LA Times article says Gehry decorated “with an octopus and two crocodiles that dangle from the ceiling, a copper gazebo, telephone pole ‘trees,’ a quilted metal door and panels of apricot-colored marble illuminated from behind.” (They called it “one generation removed from the Hard Rock Cafe.”) Modern One is selling the gazebo for $250,000.

Images courtesy of Modern One

A Solution To Street Defecation In Venice Beach?

A possible solution to people defecating in the streets? Lacks privacy, but whatever helps…

Roving Beach Recliner

Very Venice. ( But still illegal on the bike path )

Future Beachfront Home Violently Attacked By Palm Fronds

In a gruesome scene, palm frond carcasses litter the aftermath of the crime area of a future beachfront home on Ocean Front Walk on what was once an average construction site. Thousands passed the scene yesterday with strollers and children while trying to enjoy the holiday weekend, yet there were no direct witnesses of when the attack happened or why it occurred. It is not clear if alcohol played a part in the attack. Reps for the palm fronds have not been available for comment.

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