Man Stabbed & Truck Vandalized On 18th – Suspect At Large

This afternoon a man pulling in to park on 18th for a game of handball was viciously assaulted, stabbed, had his phone stolen and had his truck vandalized by a local handball player whom he got in an argument with several weeks ago. A police call came out for a man with a bicycle lock and a knife in a fight with another male. The victim who was cut on the arm, side and leg by the mans knife kept away from him as the suspect bashed in every window on his truck, the tail lights and smashed all side panels and hood on the victims truck. He also stole his cell phone and other items out of the truck. Neighbors came out and witnessed the violent attack and one shot video where you can hear the suspect yelling, “I waited for you mother fucker”. The suspect described as a male hispanic in his late 30’s or 40’s fled on a bike. He is apparently well recognized as hanging around the handball courts often. He also damaged the car of a female who was with her two children but she was so scared she fled the scene. His blood was left at the scene also and collected by LAPD. If you recognize the suspect please call LAPD at 310-482-6334.






LAPD Pacific Directory

Hello everyone.  I wanted to give a special Shout Out to Alex Thompson for letting me post from time to time on Venice 311.

My name is Tony Newsom and I am a Los Angeles Police Officer in Pacific Area.

Tonight, I just wanted to send you an e-version of our social media networks.

It’s getting kind of late and I’ve been up since 5 this morning so “good night” for now.   Oh yeah, stay safe!



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