Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Johnson – Now Upland Police Chief  Accused Of Stealing Campaign Signs

Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Brian Johnson left his position as a Captain to become the Chief of Police in Upland California – and was caught on video with a female stealing campaign signs for a medical marijuana initiative.  While some signs were in the public right-of-way, many were not … and the person video taping the event thought it was an odd thing for the actual Police Chief to be doing in his City vehicle with a civilian passenger. Watch the story HERE

Mike Fino – Man Who Sucker Punched Woman In Venice In Custody

The man who sucker punched a female outside Windward Farms market in Venice last weekend is now In custody. Mike Fino was quickly identified when we released the video and photos last week in an effort to identify him for the victim who suffered significant injuries as a result of the attack. 

Mr. Fino was aware that he was being sought. Recently released from prison, his parole officer was advised and a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. Authorities were unable to locate him at his listed address and he was reportedly not responding per the conditions of his parole. He reportedly notified agents associated with his required parole reporting that he intended to turn himself in. It is not clear yet if he turned himself in or if he was arrested, as there has been an active search to take him into custody.

Mr. Finos prior convictions include sale of meth, receipt of stolen property and burglary with enhancements. He will be charged with felony battery resulting in significant injury from the videotaped altercation where he punched a female last weekend in Venice.

You can see the video here: Man punches woman & knocks her out in Venice

RIP Bill Pettis – Venice / Muscle Beach Fixture Found Dead In Pennsylvania

Most people who knew Of Bill knew the disheveled, often drunk older man dressed in a pee stained saggy Speedo, with overlapping fake gold bracelets, unlaced sneakers with no socks…holding a radio to his ear blasting scratchy AM radio disco & oldies – regardless of the weather. I was behind him in the bank one day – with him on a bus to downtown another … all the while people snapping pix and populating social media with sad photos of a man still clinging to days long passed. 

One day the guys from Rec & Parks told me his whole story … showed me pictures of him when he trained with Schwarzenegger, and was the face of the 1984 Olympics. Despite looking homeless and boozy – he was ever present and seemed happy, which is more than I can say for many.  After living in LA and visiting Venice almost every day for decades – Bill’s family bought him a bus ticket home to Pennsylvania for a family function. He was found dead a few days later, this past Tuesday, in a creek bed. No foul play involved. 

RIP Bill. You were part of this place, and always will be.

Learned of Bills passingLearned of Bills passing here 

More on Bill:

LAPD Mag did an article here on him too…

Boo the Black Kitty Missing Near Ocean Ave

Black cat is missing as of 8/15/16. His name is Boo, he’s 2.5 years old. I live on Ocean Ave in Venice. Call or text me at 310-766-0116.


Kitty found & reunited w owner via CraigsList ad. Pretty Bengal cat went missing Sunday morning, August 7th. Last seen in south alleyway b/t Bryan Avenue and Wilson Avenue. Very curious – likes to jump into open car windows or walk through open garage or house doors. Answers to the name “Mr. Kitty.” Likes Sheba and Meow Mix Tender Centers. PLEASE call 310-344-4462 if you’ve any information. Thanks.

Three New Animal Rescues In Venice

About two weeks ago two super-amazing neighbors messaged me about a kitty living under their apt building. I loaded up a trap & a carrier and went to meet Boss – a grey male Russian Blue. He was friendly, curious but very very skiddish. Spent a day or so winning his trust and when I got a good hold of him he was so strong he wriggled away. Took about another week for the neighbors to coax him into eating inside a cat carrier before they trapped him in. He was NOT HAPPY. Taken to vet – got a bath and a checkup and he’s here at the cat ranch. He is big and strong and beautiful. Super loving guy!

Then I got a message about Blossom. She was the store cat at Alan’s Aquarium for about 10 years and for whatever reason wasn’t going to the new location. She’s a grey Persian with an extra dose of attitude. Doesn’t respond well to other animals so she was hard to adopt out. She has quite a set of pipes on her. She needs some TLC. Trying to arrange for a grooming to get her brushed and her matted hair cleaned up. Will need sedation for sure. Sad when older pets become an inconvenience – but she’s here and is happy. Loves her Whisker Lickin’s and a chin scratch.


Then I got a message on Twitter about little Indiana. Just shy of 10 days old he was abandoned and was hungry as a little bear. Picked him up from a neighbor who had him on Indiana Ave. He’s super sweet – really active and so far looks healthy. Gave him a bath to get the fleas off him and he shined up like a new penny. Currently bottle feeding this guy – and will probably have a camera up streaming him sometime this weekend.


If you would like to help with these rescues you can send a PayPal to or click here

. All donations go to help the rescues with food, vet care and toys. <3

Homeless Off Sidewalks? Here is where they may go….

If you don’t like the homeless and their piles of crap sleeping on your sidewalks and camping near your home or business – get ready for them to move to these possible locations in Venice. Note 128 N Venice / Dell has the wrong zip code- item C.9 on the list – that is the giant parking lot by the beach. Why does the City get sued and can this not enforce crap? Well, it’s because there are no local service areas supporting the homeless – so until there are – right down the street from YOU – expect nothing to change. One lump or two?

Watch Found On Wavecrest

From local:

Missing watch was found near Wavecrest and speedway on July 23rd? And to contact 201-694-8109 describing it and they can come pick it up. 

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