Move Your Car Saturday Or Enjoy The Tow!

Saturday is the Annual Christmas Run – and if you park your car Friday night on Pacific or part of Venice (see map) your car will be towed as of the wee wee hours Saturday morning. Tell your newb neighbors (or not) – signs don’t elaborate on the impending parking doom. The run is awesome though. Not the running part – but the costumes. 

Homicide Victim Found In Santa Monica – Crime Believed To Have Happened In Venice

Two nights ago Santa Monica PD requested LAPD to respond to 1548 5th St., a low income housing facility – where a male suffering from what are assumed to be gunshot wounds died at the scene. That call came out about 2:30 a.m. Before he died it was determined that the crime happened in Venice, possibly Oakwood. I had several messages that day regarding a number of incidents – which is typical. People see police or hear something, gunshots … screaming…airships… and they want to know what is going on. If you heard gunshots or a crazy fight Tues night / Wed am around midnight to 1 a.m. – LAPD would love to know. Right now I have no info on victim or the rest of the crime. Will try to follow up – but like the other homicide last week on Windward where the suspect lived in our hood – details are few and far between until an arrest is made. This is why it is important that if you see something, say something. Solving a murder can sometimes boil down to an obscure tip. 

TONIGHT! Neighborhood Investment Once A Month At CPAB – Give it a try…


The most enlightening, informative and valuable learning experience I have had as an adult has been getting to know our local LAPD and the Community Police Advisory Board. They have a meeting once per month. Although it has formal protocol as most serious meetings do… it is full of neighbors and the police that patrol our streets, and the command staff that guides them. Sometimes dry? Yes. Always informative? YES!

If you can spend a few hours on a Wednesday once per month at 7 p.m. you will learn a lot about why some things happen and some don’t when it comes to keeping our community safe… and the KEY part to this is the community… which includes you. Tonight is a great time to meet the folks who go, learn about what is coming up for 2017, and the nitty gritty on the LAPD Thanksgiving Potluck dinner.

If you can… go. It is worth it. Info below:

Tonight’s our annual end of year potluck and election of CPAB Officers!

Come for the food stay for the opportunity to help Pacific CPAB move forward and achieve greater things for our communities!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 7pm

Pacific LAPD Community Center, 12312 Culver Blvd, LA CA 90066

Park on the street and go to the Pacific Station Front Desk. You’ll be given access or escorted to the community center. If you have your CPAB ID bring it. Guests are always welcome.

From our Prepare and Serve (Nov. 23, 2016) – Chris Williams Memorial Officer Appreciation Dinner Team                 Coordinator – Pastor-Hanna            Password – LAPD

In addition, tax deductible donations have also been simplified this year, as the Pacific Division Booster has established a PayPal account. You can donate as little or as much as you’d like. The funds help us fill in the holes, and purchase basic supplies. Here’s the link –…

Please do pass the flyer along to friends, neighbors, and businesses within our community (from West LA to Westchester) to solicit their participation. If you download email the flyer, the links are embedded, so others can easily click and go!


New 85.02 Prohibits Living In Vehicles In Residential Hoods

Good news for those who haven’t had every shred of optimism squeezed out of them when they step outside and look around their neighborhood. Apparently the LA City Council passed a new and improved L.A.M.C. 85.02 on Friday which will prohibit people from living in their vehicles including RV’s between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in residential areas. The notion brings me back to the days of LAPD enforcing the prior ordinance which effectively removed over 250 RVs that were clogging the streets of Venice, and that was just west of Lincoln.

Then LA’s fave homeless attorney sucked a few more million into her coffers litigating against it and related laws which brought them back in droves. Residents revolted, and were able to petition for OVO signs (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) which prohibited vehicles over 7′ from parking between 2-6 a.m. – which did little good. Recently after getting messages from several residents about RV’s not getting ticketed on street sweeping days, I left my car parked between a line of 3 RV’s on Strongs Drive behind my apt. I got a ticket. The RV’s did not. Explanation from the Council Office was “They can’t pay the ticket anyway – so we aren’t ticketing them.” I was in shock. If I don’t pay my tickets, I can’t register my vehicle. So why do these fools get a free pass? How does the City know who can and can’t pay, and gives them a pass based on that? Aside from being disgusted over that… setting an alarm and calling Parking Enforcement to get an oversized RV ticketed did ZERO. They rarely if ever responded. There are 16 large vans, trucks and RV’s that park around just my block, have for over a year or more, and move only on street sweeping days, and move right back… violating the 72 hr parking rule.

So, apparently this new 85.02 update which The City believes will shield them from another 9th Circuit ruling is the new cure. That is, if LAPD enforces it. And if you were around in the prior days of the old enforcement of 85.02 … how do you “prove” someone is sleeping in their vehicle or living in their RV if they don’t “answer the door” or open it?

This of course will require LAPD to be trained by the City Attorney on the new ordinance, how to write tickets so they don’t get tossed, blah blah blah. I would suggest letting your local area Captain know this issue is important to you, and ask about what the plan is.

Listen to Councilman Englander comment on the sitch here.

John Hefner, 48, had been living on the street for three years prior to being able to move into an RV last December, parking it in Venice. A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned L.A.'s ban on homeless people living in vehicles. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

John Hefner, 48, had been living on the street for three years prior to being able to move into an RV last December, parking it in Venice. A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned L.A.’s ban on homeless people living in vehicles. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

Help Badge Of Heart Give 500 Turkeys To Local Families In Need


From  where you can also read more & donate!

On November 19, 2016 Badge Of Heart is preparing their 2nd Annual Turkey Drive for 500 deserving low income families from the Communities of Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, Westchester & Culver City.

These families will be identified by Police Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (Pacific Division).  In addition to Officers we have also partnered with our local Schools & Churches to help us identify these families.

However, none of this could be done without the help of our Community and Corporate help.

We are seeking to raise a total of $10,000.

The money raised will buy us 500 Turkeys, side items and “It’s for the kids” gift items for this Holiday season.

This wonderful Community event will help those, who need it the most during this Holiday Season.


If you have any questions or want to help Sponsor this event, please contact Officer Ken Lew at

Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Johnson – Now Upland Police Chief  Accused Of Stealing Campaign Signs

Former LAPD Pacific Division Captain Brian Johnson left his position as a Captain to become the Chief of Police in Upland California – and was caught on video with a female stealing campaign signs for a medical marijuana initiative.  While some signs were in the public right-of-way, many were not … and the person video taping the event thought it was an odd thing for the actual Police Chief to be doing in his City vehicle with a civilian passenger. Watch the story HERE

Mike Fino – Man Who Sucker Punched Woman In Venice In Custody

The man who sucker punched a female outside Windward Farms market in Venice last weekend is now In custody. Mike Fino was quickly identified when we released the video and photos last week in an effort to identify him for the victim who suffered significant injuries as a result of the attack. 

Mr. Fino was aware that he was being sought. Recently released from prison, his parole officer was advised and a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. Authorities were unable to locate him at his listed address and he was reportedly not responding per the conditions of his parole. He reportedly notified agents associated with his required parole reporting that he intended to turn himself in. It is not clear yet if he turned himself in or if he was arrested, as there has been an active search to take him into custody.

Mr. Finos prior convictions include sale of meth, receipt of stolen property and burglary with enhancements. He will be charged with felony battery resulting in significant injury from the videotaped altercation where he punched a female last weekend in Venice.

You can see the video here: Man punches woman & knocks her out in Venice

RIP Bill Pettis – Venice / Muscle Beach Fixture Found Dead In Pennsylvania

Most people who knew Of Bill knew the disheveled, often drunk older man dressed in a pee stained saggy Speedo, with overlapping fake gold bracelets, unlaced sneakers with no socks…holding a radio to his ear blasting scratchy AM radio disco & oldies – regardless of the weather. I was behind him in the bank one day – with him on a bus to downtown another … all the while people snapping pix and populating social media with sad photos of a man still clinging to days long passed. 

One day the guys from Rec & Parks told me his whole story … showed me pictures of him when he trained with Schwarzenegger, and was the face of the 1984 Olympics. Despite looking homeless and boozy – he was ever present and seemed happy, which is more than I can say for many.  After living in LA and visiting Venice almost every day for decades – Bill’s family bought him a bus ticket home to Pennsylvania for a family function. He was found dead a few days later, this past Tuesday, in a creek bed. No foul play involved. 

RIP Bill. You were part of this place, and always will be.

Learned of Bills passingLearned of Bills passing here 

More on Bill:

LAPD Mag did an article here on him too…

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