LA City Attorney Sneaking Meeting Regarding Homeless Settlement To Avoid Public Comment – Act Fast Or Endure The Nightmare…

This is a huge deal, which is why I am making this post… you are about to be screwed at the direction of the LA City Attorney who is sneaking around to force through an issue so egregious – it will impact everyone who lives in LA in a way that is just incomprehensible. You need to freak out over this and light up the phone of your Council office NOW. I hate saying it but you need to…

So YOUR City Attorney is trying to settle a lawsuit without deposing the plaintiffs or the defendants in a case that will upend all efforts of citizens and voters in The City of LA regarding homeless issues. BTW the plaintiff is The City of Los Angeles and the 3 LA City Police Officers involved have not been interviewed at ALL. The LA City Attorney is supposed to represent & defend The City – and instead for whatever sneaky reason he is going out of his way to try and slip this by you, me, the press and everyone else and it is a seriously bad situation.

He has chosen NOT to properly represent The City and the 3 police officers in this case. The body camera video has not been reviewed – and he has played a shell game with the dates for a hearing of this case in an obvious effort to thwart public comment and force through an option that will not only wind up having The City of Los Angeles pay even MORE MONEY to Attorney Carol Sobel – but will result in an agreement that will completely SCREW over anyone that lives, uses or walks on any sidewalk in Los Angeles.

Important points to understand:

1. That this is not just about skid Row boundaries. Constitutional rights extend all sidewalks so eventually there will be more litigation on other side walks across the city of Los Angeles. Costing the city more money, than already with the LAVAN & JONES settlements.

2. Taxpayers have committed w HHH & H, the City has offered numerous programs, $$ to support homeless relief – housing, shelter, and services. It’s very late in the game, but we should not allow the public right of way to be handed over to private citizens before we see sufficient beds in place.

3. What *SHOULD* happen is not to settle but to fight this – all the way to the supreme court if necessary. This is not about “stuff” it’s about people. People are dying on our sidewalks…

Also to put this in as a special meeting with the agenda just posted just now – is an affront to the democratic process which allows all people no matter who they are to have a voice. Per the Brown act – only 24 hours notice for “special meetings” is allowed for posting meeting and agenda info. The question is, is this an emergency??? Why the “special meeting” if not to prevent public comment? They have scheduled and rescheduled several times now – but now they are pushing the settlement and there is no legitimate reason for this course of action…. read & weep … bit GO TO THE MEETING!!!

Info sent to us regarding issue:

Mitchell vs. City of Los Angeles at

Homelessness & Poverty Committee

The Homelessness & Poverty Committee is scheduled to discuss Mitchell vs. City of Los Angeles on September 7 at 9 am.

City Attorney Mike Feuer will be providing the first official briefing of the case to this committee in closed session, and there will be opportunity for public comment before the discussion. Your voice is critical and we need your support. It is important that our elected officials hear our thoughts on this issue that will have serious implications for Downtown and the city. If you are able to provide public comment, please be on time.

Mitchell vs. City of Los Angeles could eliminate any limit on the amount of personal property that a person can have on the sidewalk. The current injunction issued in 2016 only applies to Downtown, specifically from Spring to Alameda and 3rd to 8th Streets, and this could be made permanent through a settlement agreement.

The City has the following options: settle the Mitchell case in accordance with the current injunction, enter into a citywide settlement or go to trial. We are asking the City to go to trial and not settle on terms that treat Downtown differently and would decrease the quality of life for the homeless population in Downtown.

Important points to convey to elected representatives:

• Mitchell effectively eliminates the 60-gallon limit on personal goods only for Downtown (this limit is established in LA Municipal Code 56.11 – Storage of Personal Goods).

• Eliminating the 60-gallon limit will result in further densification of the Downtown homeless population and make it more challenging to provide housing, services and facilities to meet the current need.

• The rise in tents and personal goods on the sidewalks is a direct result of Mitchell. We are very concerned that this prevents people from seeking services or reconciling with family or significant others by making life on the sidewalk permanent.

• This should not be the standard for our homeless neighbors. We can do better by providing housing. If the City were to settle Mitchell with the current terms, this standard could become permanent.

• We are very concerned that permanently eliminating this standard in one neighborhood of Los Angeles is unconstitutional and would set the City up for litigation in other neighborhoods.

• We also believe a Downtown settlement would continue the over-concentration of homeless individuals, services and housing in Downtown, and ultimately further decrease the quality of life for the current homeless population in Downtown that needs individualized treatment and care to live safely and reenter society.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, we encourage you to voice your opinion by contacting the Homelessness & Poverty Committee members by phone or with a letter. The members are Councilmembers Bonin, Harris-Dawson, Huizar, Price and Rodriguez. Please let us know if you need assistance.

City Hall, Council Chambers

Room 340

200 N. Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you would like to join us at the committee meeting or want more info, please contact Shawn Bratton at


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