Surveillance Video Of Altercation That Led To Fatal Stabbing

First view is at normal framing, then zoomed in on group.
The victim is dressed in black and is facing away from the camera near the rear of the car. She appears to have what may be the suspects cell phone and is using it, you can see the screen illuminate her face. Prior to this on the video the victim was standing with the group and talking for a long time. They seemed to know each other. Then the victim seems to toss the phone, which appears to go into the car with the screen lit. The suspect then immediately turns and grabs the victim and stabs her. They go out of frame, then the group all pile in the car, the suspect then appears in frame, agitated, runs to the front of the car. You can see the knife in her hand… then she adopts this weird march, and seems to tuck the knife into her shirt, she gets in the passenger seat and they haul ass out of there, leaving the victim to die.

Suspect w knife in hand.

Suspect w knife in hand.


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