Graffiti Isn’t Only Challenge Facing Venice’s Veterans Memorial Wall

After an outpouring of support from locals, greater Los Angeles and folks all over the country – of all days Metro ( as in LA Metro Bus Metro, the owner of the land the wall is on) decided to COVER UP THE WALL today, Memorial Day … the day after people from all walks of life came together to clean the horrible graffiti and work to restore the wall back to its original state.IMG_2712

I took a walk down to the wall today, and saw a bunch of news trucks parked in the area still covering the story… but when I approached the wall I saw that it was being covered over with a thick black tarp held by 2×4’s bolted into the cement. I can’t believe that of all days, despite the tagging and need for repair, that Metro would choose Memorial Day to cover up the wall. Residents, passers by and mostly the handful of Vets at scene to support the wall and the efforts of the community were in shock.

I heard that Mike Bonin was going to raise the reward for diming out the tagger from $2000 to $10,000, and then when I was out there people were discussing raising it to $20,000. Even if the asshole that tagged the wall gets a felony vandalism charge – his or their names will be well known for a very long time as committing a pretty egregious insult to a group of people who’s supporters have one great quality… they will NEVER FORGET. Live with that on your backs the rest of your lives. #jerks

A few things, the National Veterans Foundation is a LOCAL NON-PROFIT that manages this wall. If you would like to help and donate visit . Over the years Metro has threatened to tear the wall down, and most recently has prevented the Vets who care for an manage the wall from putting up flags, a banner for their organization, and even allowing an artist to do some needed restoration. Why? The only answers is because they are clueless. So… considering that you can’t rely on an entity that large to just do the right thing for all the right reasons… I will be getting the dimensions of the wall this week. If you know of a place in Venice and are willing to provide an adequately sized wall to have the mural transferred to, preferably one that will come with a guarantee of at least a few decades or so of a lease… please contact . These guys were so awesome today. In a bit of disbelief that Metro covered up the wall and has been so contentious to deal with… and they could use our CONTINUED help and support.


Micheal is a vet, and helps manage the wall and the National Veterans Foundation in Los Angeles. Great guy. Could use our help and donations. They do great work.

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