No More “Ghetto Ralph’s” – Big Remodel At Lincoln Location

Category:Politics & Community
Location: Los Angeles, CA

For years people have referred to the Ralph’s on Lincoln & California as “Ghetto Ralph’s”, as the interior faced growing competition from new upscale big stores. Rumors have swirled for years about a remodel – and it is now underway.

Angel, the store manager told me the whole process will take 5 months and many areas will expand including fruit & produce, meats and the bakery. They will have a sushi offering, a Murray’s Cheese shop and a Starbucks too!

Despite the long wait in remodel, this location has been rated #1 in customer service for a long time and they really are a great community store.

So the big remodel signs are coming but they will remain open through the whole process!

So say goodbye to the “Ghetto Ralph’s” moniker – and say hello to the new California Ave. Ralph’s. Yay!


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