DO NOT feel pressured to give a donation.


Door to Door Solicitations:

DO NOT feel pressured to give a donation.

If Interested in donating, do your research. Read attached photo for more information.

If you feel that it might be fraudulent or a scam call 1-877-ASK-LAPD (1-877-275-5273).

The following information is in the bottom of the attached photo:

This Information Card Certificate signifies that the person/entity named on the face hereof has fulfilled requirements of Article 4, Chapter IV (Philanthropy) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, which allows for the solicitation of contributions and/or donations via (1) Any offer to sell any service (and/or) item, (2) right to attend any function (and/or) participate in any activity, (3) requests (and/or) appeals.

This certificate does not authorize the person the conduct any unlawful business or to conduct any lawful business in an illegal (or) unlawful manner or to conduct within the City of Los Anaeles the businessfor which this certificate has been issued, nor without strictly complying with all provisions of the ordinances of said City (or)ail local applicable laws, including but not limited to those requiring a permit by any board, commission, department or office of the City.

This certificate is valid only for the cities (and/or) regions under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police

Department. THIS INFORMATICN CARD CERTIFICATE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A PERMIT. Any failure to comply with the requirements of Article 4 of Chapter IV of the Los Angeles Municipal Code shall constitute grounds for suspension (and/or) revocation of this certificate.

In addition to this certificate, Permits may be required for the following:
(1) Dance Hall / Dance Clubs / Public Dances
(2) Premises where alcohol beverages may be solo’ (and;or) consumed
(3) Gaming (and/or) Poker Events. (Both Local and State Permits are required)
(4) Thrift Stores / Second Hand Stores
(5) Carnivals / Carnivals w/Mechanical Rides

For more information regarding required permits, please contact the Permits Processing Section at (213) 996-1210

*To view a complete listing/schedule of all Registered Special Events please visit our Website: www.lapdonline.orq Search: Charitable




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