Wrong Way Bicyclist Dead After Collision At S Venice & Speedway

A couple visiting from Spain struck and killed a bicyclist riding the wrong way down S Venice Thanksgiving evening. The poorly lit corner had traffic going into S Venice which is a one way street going eastbound from three different directions. The vehicle was making a left turn going southbound when they tired into the street after stopping. The bicyclist who had no visible front bike light and a loaded front and rear basket was in the lane, lost balance and fell off under the car which didn’t see her based on her speed. She was dragged about 10 ft and was stuck under the wheel well of the car. Firefighters had to dislodge her. She was not breathing when officers first arrived. The couple stopped and immediately called for aid. She was taken to the hospital and have not officially announced the death yet but it is expected. Officers at scene described it as a tragic accident primarily as a result of the bicyclist riding the wrong way.






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