Tips From The City of LA On Keeping Your Pets Safe & Happy On The 4th Of July

Even though fireworks are illegal, thousands of classy upstanding citizens still have a momentary gross lack of judgement and light them off anyway. If you wanted to count the number of people cited for use of fireworks on or near July 4th by LAPD you’d come up with a big fat ZERO.  You know, one of those cases where it is easier to do nothing, than something. So, the easier way to deal with it is to warn responsible people how to make extra effort to buffer their lives to manage the stupidity of others. So if you care about your pets, go ahead and re-manage your holiday fun around the jackassery of others… for the benefit of your pet.

Sad, isn’t it? Enjoy more heavy lifting.

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Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager
Phone: (213) 482-9558
Pet Safety Tips for 4th of July
Make this Independence Day fun and SAFE for your pets! Some people love big gatherings and
loud noises – but that can be very frightening for our pets.
Here are some Pet Safety Tips for Independence Day:
Make sure your pet is microchipped and that the registration has your current address.In addition,
make sure your dog is wearing a license tag. These two simple steps help us reunite families if a
pet does get lost.
You can contact any of our L.A. Animal Services Shelters and schedule an appointment to have
their companion animal microchipped. The cost for the public is $25.00 per animal. Most
veterinary clinics also offer microchipping.
Keep your pets inside. If you are having guests over, keep pets in a room that is off-limits to
guests, with plenty of water and food.
Surround pets with their favorite toys and other familiar objects. Play soothing music and keep
the room as quiet as possible by closing doors, windows, and blinds.
Even if your pet does not seem obviously upset by fireworks, they can still cause harm to
pets.Avoid potential burns, injuries, or possible ingestion by keeping all pets out of the vicinity
of fireworks.
ADOPT NOW and Help Us Save MORE Animals
The fourth of July is a time shelter staff knows that we will have a sudden influx of lost and
frightened animals. Our shelters are already over crowed. If you are considering adopting, please
visit our shelters and adopt NOW or consider fostering a great dog or cat! They are counting on
us. We are all they have.

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