LAPD Nabs Burglar/Rapist On Indiana After Foot Pursuit + Perimeter

On Wednesday at around midnight, LAPD responded to a call on the 800 block of Indiana where a black male amped on PCP entered a home and attempted to burglarize the residence and rape the victim inside. The victim was able to fight off the suspect and call police. Several LAPD units responded. A description was put out over the air, and calls started coming in reporting the suspect fleeing on foot in the area. LAPD saw him, got in a foot pursuit, called for an airship and apprehended the suspect near Ralphs on Lincoln & Lake.

Below is the audio of the entire call with the address omitted in spots. When situations like this happen, patrol in the area responds to assist. That means if you make a call that is a lower priority, LAPD will respond when the priority situation is resolved. Keep that in mind next time you call the police and they don’t show up right away. This is LA and there is a lot going on.

This audio reflects the great work done by LAPD, communications and Airship Support. A really really bad guy is off the streets. High-five Pacific Division!

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