Venice Watchdawg’s Notes On Upcoming VNC Election

Rick Feibusch has lobbied hard for years in Venice for just a sliver of sanity. Needless to say it has been a long fight, which continues. He knows an awful lot about Venice… here is Rick’s message regarding the upcoming VNC elections this weekend:

Editor:  Rick Feibusch  –  May 14, 2014
Information to help shape the future of our town…
“I’ve been married to a communist and a fascist, and neither
would take out the garbage.”                 ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor

This Sunday May 18th 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM,  at the Westminster Elementary School Auditorium.

Dear Readers,

Well here it is again, another VNC election. It once again the residents and business owners against the social service lobby, that has maintained control and used the VNC as a staging area and advocacy for an agenda that was in direct conflict with many residents needs and desires. Once again, the basic agenda is being obscured.

Re-presenting the same ol’ sh!t all wrapped up in a new suit of clothes…

This election, the Linda Lucks/social service contingency is cloaking themselves in an anti-development flag, without mentioning that their overall agenda has not changed in decades.

Remember people, the folks who brought you the last few years of no transparency, Brown Act violations, limited communications, and an administration that actively lobbied against permit parking with the City and the California Coastal Commission, as well as lobbied to build a transient RV park in Penmar and a homeless facility at the Westminster Dog Park/senior center, is now asking you to bring them back for an encore based of the strength of their promise to halt development, without being specific about how they will handle the poor performance and lack of attending to community and issues of the past. Present VNC President Linda Lucks is no longer running because her only Stakeholder connection to Venice is as a paid consultant to Venice based social services.  LOOK AT THE VAA election material – Want two more years of bad Lucks???

There are many issues in Venice, and development is just one of them. Don’t be fooled into thinking the past will go away or be handled differently. See message a WatchDawg reader forwarded to me at the bottom of this page. This is more what it is REALLY about… Or check out – – and take part in the discourse…
For what it is worth:
No endorsement for President – Newhouse let Linda Lucks set the agenda when he last was President (…and she was Vice President) – If he and Salzberg (Mr. Wishy-washy – Easy for Lucks to dominate) are elected we all can be assured that the VNC will be just as it is today – They are hiding their “Let ’em live on the streets” agenda within their anti-development zeal because they view both as precisely the same thing – ends justifies the means… In the end, If the Venice Action slate dominates, we lose the whole reason for neighborhood councils – These folks talk about diversity, but only in racial terms – diversity in thought and meaningful discussion gets replaced with a solidarity with the chosen agenda…
John Reed for VP – Yes he is an architect and has built a few houses on Rose. This is an administrative position, not the Land Use Committee. Why is he not to be considered over a rubber-stamping yes man that Lucks & Co. have been able to manipulate???.
Helen Stotler for Sec’y – Was over her head in Communications but would be great in this position…
Jim Murez for LUPC – Best qualified for the job – The major opponent is OK, but she does not know the ins & outs and will be at a loss in negotiations. Remember; just saying NO will only work for the time it takes to circumvent an obstinate LUPC at a downtown level. Anointed developers will get what they want…
Scott Kramarich for Communications – Why not elect the guy who set up the website, rather than another yes man for the Lucks/social service lobby machine…
COMMUNITY OFFICERS – ( Yes, you only get to vote for one…)
Take your Choice:
Joe Murphy – Why not vote for a guy who values the discussion of issues rather than speaking for you to approve a predetermined agenda? Joe’s your man…
Rick Selan – Shake things up and keep things honest… He REALLY supports the diminishing population of less fortunate in Venice, rather than using it as a tool to fund non-profits.
George Francisco – Just because…. We need new people to get involved – or else we will just get more of the same…
The Linda Lucks/Venice Action slate leaders LOBBIED against permit parking and for building a RV campground at the Penmar Golf Course… Development is the issue that they have chosen to continue domination and their longtime agenda…
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 11:41 AM
Subject: ***Please read*** Voting for our clients
We believe that our FSV clients are entitled to vote at the upcoming VNC election on Sunday, May 18. 2014 at Westminster Elementary School.  Steve Clare has signed letters verifying that ______________  [name to be filled in] is a VCH client.  You, as a volunteer, must verify this by looking up in our files at the site that a particular person is indeed a current user of FSV.  If this is so, then print the person’s name and give them the letter.   Start/keep a list of all such clients given a letter.

In addition, we would like to give them a copy of the Beachhead recommendations for persons to vote for in the election merely as our PERSONAL, not VCH’s, advice. Jack and I will drop off the letters and copies of the Beachhead.
Also, we will drop off VCH T-shirts in various sizes.  We would like you to choose your size and wear the T-shirt while on duty.  This will give VCH a presence and make the public aware of our involvement in FSV.  Of course, they are yours to keep!
Thanks again for all you do!  It truly makes a difference, as I’m sure you already know.
Barbara Milliken,
Volunteer Coordinator, VCH



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