For The Billionth, Illionth, Jillionth Time, Lock Your Friggin’ Doors And Windows – Srsly: Advisory: Increase in Palms area burglaries

Hi. This is not your parents telling you to eat brussel sprouts. You are not being encouraged to make your bed every day before you leave the house. This is a simple piece of advice that will allow you to keep the belongings that you get up and work hard for every day. The problem here is that YOU aren’t locking your doors and windows. Then you get burglarized and call the police upset and violated…wanting the bad guys who did this horrible invasive thing to you. You want your stuff back. Yes, home burglary is a crime. Yes, you are the victim. Yes, you are partly to BLAME for your situation because you ignored simple precautions that police harp on again and again. WHY do they do this? Because what they do for a living, which includes watching your sad forlorn face as you recount all the valuable items that were stolen from your home, also includes knowing that thieves take the easy route in, if you give it to them.  And you ARE giving it to them. If the window is open and it doesn’t look like you are home…BAM they are in. In five minutes they can target and swipe the big ticket items and leave. Doesn’t matter if it is a bathroom. Doesn’t matter if there is a screen. Doesn’t matter if it is on the 2nd floor. DOESN’T MATTER THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU.

So, and I am trying to be nice about this but clearly the message isn’t penetrating…. LOCK UP YOUR HOME. LOCK IT. CLOSE THE WINDOWS. LOCK THEM. If you need another way of looking at it, to it to save a tree that generates the 4 carbon page police report that gets filed when you get burglarized.

OK? Ok!

This is how the cops say it:

Advisory: Increase in Palms area burglaries

LAPD Pacific Division has noticed an increase in burglaries in the Palms area, specifically with burglars who are entering apartments through first floor bathroom windows. This is occurring during the hours of 8am to 3pm in the area between Venice and Palms Boulevard and Overland and Hughes Avenue. Most locations have open or unlocked windows.

Be on the lookout for small or slender suspects acting suspiciously, they may use trash cans or bins to gain entry into small bathroom windows, and report suspicious activity to police immediately.



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