Fake Caller Prompts LAPD SWAT & Bomb Squad Response To Residence On 28th Ave

UPDATE: This is confirmed to be a SWATTING call…which is where a fake call is made to prompt an LAPD SWAT response. Normally celebrities, but today just some normal person who lives in a less-than-normal neighborhood. SWAT made entry. Located named suspect who the “caller” said he was… he was in residence and was fine. It appears that possibly a family member of his or a completely unrelated person made the calls. Wicked suspicious. Also, SWAT had to blow up a window or two to breach the residence. All in the name of safety. Dude needs to not take Ambien so he can hear LAPD on the bullhorns. Thanks to Ryan Gall for the photo!



Earlier in the evening, a caller called LAPD Pacific front desk and said he was high on crystal meth, had murdered people in his house, had multiple hostages and hung up. He then called back, gave his name and said he had rigged the house on 28th Ave with explosives. The name he gave matches the name of a person that lives in the house. LAPD immediately responded to the house, did a quick perimeter search until they received information about the house being wired with explosives. At that time, SWAT and LAPD bomb squad was called in. There is a possibility that this is a bogus “SWATTING” call. LAPD identified the numbers that called in as being from two different NY state cell phones. In previous SWATTING instances, the perps were able to “spoof” legit cell phone numbers. In one case, they tracked an elderly man down who had no idea or relation to anything associated with the incident. So – this may be 100% bogus, or it could be a bloodbath. So far there is ZERO response from anyone inside the house. SWAT is doing all their swatty swatness to probe the house and detect anyone inside. They haven’t been able to see any activity through windows and such… and lets just say they have some crazy ass equipment to deal with this stuff.


Just after 1:30 a.m. Lapd responded to 28th Ave for a person who said he had killed his roommate with a machete, was high on meth – had explosives & weapons and would kill officers. Pacific Ave, Speedway and Washington have been shut down. SWAT is on way. Residents in adjacent buildings have been evacuated. No lie. Situation unfolding.



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