Gangster Trying To Steal Car Runs From LAPD, Drops ID (Whoopsie!) Is Caught By Horsie Cops

It’s hard being a gangster in LA. With those saggy pants and plethora of pockets, sometimes things just go awry. Today LAPD caught a guy trying to steal a car in the Venice Beach parking lot. They engaged in a short foot pursuit but he took off running… and dropped his ID on the way. LAPD mounted Metro division was helping out in the hood today, and ran him down on 24th and Speedway as he was trying to hide in the houses. Airship and a zillion cops were looking for him and he was quickly arrested. Gangster rap sheet out of Olympic Division… down here creating mischief during a visit to the beach!  Keep those pants high and tight boys!

Thanks to the neighborhood on Twitter for the assist with the photos!

IMG_9667 IMG_3454 IMG_9949 IMG_2905


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