Rebellious Drum Circle Throws Bottles At LAPD – Skrimish Line Ensues As They Refuse To Disperse

For the third week in a row, participants in the Sunday drum circle on Venice Beach became violent as LAPD did their normal shut down to disperse the crowd after sunset. A help call was generated requesting backup as the units on the sand had bottles thrown at them by the crowd. Refusing to comply, an airship and multiple LAPD units executed a skirmish line the push the crowd north. They still refused to disperse and broke off into smaller groups yelling and chanting at LAPD. LAPD called  for a specialized unit from the Metro division which includes SWAT and mounted units for assistance but cancelled the request after about 25 minutes as the crowd tired out. Three years ago there was a stabbing on Easter at the drum circle, and the violent crimes task force assisted in the closure of the drum circle for the remainder of the Summer to ensure public safety. It is still Winter….

Hopefully the folks downtown and at the Council office take note of the uptick in violent activity in the drum circle and allocate additional resources to get the situation under control. Today was 3 degrees shy of setting a heat record… we know the heat always seems to influence bad behavior, but it isn’t casting a bright outlook for Spring and Summer. Thanks to @heffjobbs for the photos!

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