Watch Confident Burglars Cut Alarm Power, Burglarize Home GREAT VIDEO (If you recognize these bad guys, call the fuzz)

If this video doesn’t inspire you to get video cameras installed, nothing will. These brazen burglars in Westchester case a house, disable the alarm and burglarize the home… all on video. It is worth it to these guys to go to all this work to steal YOUR stuff. I won’t get into how it is a non-violent offense and the repercussions of the crime in California aren’t usually enough to deter people fromt this type of crime… so the bottom line is if you want to KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS…. FORTIFY THEM! Every step you take to deter a criminal, they will work to overcome that step so MAKE IT REALLY HARD FOR THEM! And, if you recognize these idiots call LAPD at (310)482-6334.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.34.17 AM


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