House Fire In Canals Saved By Fast-Acting Neighbor / LAFD – Caused By Improperly Stored Cans From Contractor

A home off Howland Canal Ct that was in the final stages of being remodeled caught fire tonight around 7:30 pm. The deck of the home was being refinished today and apparently the contractors stored the chemical cans under the deck and they spontaneously combusted catching the deck on fire. It almost caught the entire home on fire. A neighbor smelled the fire and got a neighbors hose and doused the flames until firefighters could arrive. They had to take an axe to pull up the whole deck which was still smoking badly. The homeowners were away and alerted by the neighbor and came rushing home. Luckily they had double pane glass and only one pane broke due to heat. Sad – homeowners said the deck was the last step before final inspection. This serves as a warning – properly store your chemicals!!! Remove all rags with fumes and flammable residue!








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