Hazmat To Remove Mite Infested Debris From Windward Circle – New Signs Posted For No NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS To Area

LAPD stood guard as The City of Los Angeles posted new “Pedestrians Prohibited” signs at Windward Circle today, an area where the homeless staged a protest a week ago and never left. It was also the same area where “Occupy Venice” “occupied” during the occupy debacle.

The homeless gathered to have a “homeless bill of rights” (whatever that is) march a week ago, and mish-mashed that together with Martin Luther King day, and the occupy movement to basically squat in squalor under the guise of some “mission”. Piles of crap and debris have progressively been brought into the circle over the past week. Residents are pissed and have been voicing their opinions via twitter to Councilman Bonin who acted swiftly in having the signs put up.

Safety is the biggest concern. Windward Circle has a historic gondola and a modern sculpture, but there are no lights and no crosswalks to get to the circle which is not part of the City Recreation and Parks area. Technically if you are there, you are “in traffic”. Several people were cited last night for being in the circle, and when cited it turned out that they had warrants so several “occupiers” were arrested and taken to jail.

One man who was at the circle when police were there claimed none of the items were his. He was informed that he had to gather what was his to be safely escorted across the street by police. When I left, he was sitting in a lawn chair with no intent to leave. Hazmat determined that the debris was infested with mites and would be taken away by them for public safety reasons unless it was claimed immediately.

One man overfilled a shopping cart ( which is a misdemeanor to be in possession of ) and it spilled all over the street in traffic. Also, he was drunk off his ass. So it goes.

At least for now thanks to the efforts of Councilman Bonin, LAPD and The City of LA… Windward Circle has been reclaimed. Enjoy it as you drive or bike by…. as it is now off limits to pedestrians.



Dude claimed everything was picked out of dumpsters. Delicious.

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