New Day At The Beach – New Bike Detail – New Arrests Of Old Offenders

Word on the street was that prolific bike thief Tommy Mingo was someone LAPD wanted to have a chat with. He was seen on the boardwalk today and LAPD was alerted. The new bike detail zoomed in and held him until patrol could scoop him up and take him to the small house. Turns out he has a warrant. No big shock. While I was standing there two completely different people walked by and said, “Hey, that is the guy who stole my bike”. He’ll be off the streets for a bit.

If you want a safer neighborhood consider starting or becoming part of a neighborhood watch. We meet with the local senior lead officers and it is an amazing way to know what is going on in your specific area and what you can do to keep your home, your stuff and your family & self safe! For more info click here!



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