Homeless Nightmare At Venice Beach Operates Year Round


Thanks to Craig Bailey for the image!


Sorry, you can’t use the public restroom… a homeless person it using it as a storage locker.

Just a few days after the “homeless bill of rights” march at Venice Beach, the impact that the neighborhood suffers from at the hand of the homeless is in full effect. The bathrooms near South Venice Blvd ( right by the homeless storage locker ) is jammed full of “stuff” and belongings from a recently established and now overgrowing homeless encampment. This parking lot, populated every day by throngs of tourists also hosts a bike rental facility … leaving that business and the visitors to deal with the trash and debris from the encampment.

Windward Circle where the protestors had their “sleep in” is now permanent housing for the “sleep in” which was only supposed to last one night… but of course the homeless know no limits. They have overtaken the circle and trampled the area which just had new shrubs put in around the “historic” gondola.

Not against the law to be homeless, not against the law to be crazy, no law says you have to accept offered services to get you off the street…. but it is against the law to deface, destroy and occupy public parks and facilities in a manner not intended beyond the posted hours and proper use. Put that in your bill of rights.



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