Poverty Pimp Homeless Storage Locker At Venice Beach Gets Hijacked

“Poverty Pimp” Steve Clare’s homeless storage locker isn’t welcome by anyone in the neighborhood – and someone decided to express their opinion with a bit of “street justice” by padlocking all the locks on the trailer and splitting. At some point someone climbed the fence to do the deed. When the container contingent got there today they couldn’t get in. Heavy duty bolt cutters on the way…

Last year the storage container and unappealing hours left the unit totally unused until people that work for Claire went out and harvested users to give the program positive PR. I think Steve can afford to make one of his own properties the staging area for this kind of operation instead of dumping it on the community. Just my opinion….


The rogue suspect locks….



Ugly-ass storage container blight doesn’t have a bad view, does it…



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