LAPD Arrest Jorge Nolasco In Stabbing Death Of Venice Restaurant Worker Guillermo Carmona-Perez

23 yr old Jorge Nolasco was arrested Thursday in the stabbing death of Guillermo Carmona-Perez, a restaurant worker who was stabbed while walking from one job at a Venice eatery to another local bar where he worked.

Sources tell us that the suspect planned the murder and took a taxi to the area of Washington and Pacific where Guillermo was stabbed and waited for him, apparently aware of his route. The suspect then called the same taxi to pick him up right after the murder and was apparently babbling and distraught after the crime. The taxi who frequented the area heard of the murder, and put two and two together after seeing a news story about the reward. After a police investigation enough evidence was gathered to make the arrest. Sources also have told us that the motivation for the stabbing, which is typically a crime of passion, revolved around a love triangle with which the suspect and victim were both involved.

That same night police responded to a call for a man with a sledgehammer in the same area. The sledgehammer was recovered and we saw video of the man with the sledgehammer wildly walking through the alley. He was unrelated to the incident.



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