Female Hit And Run Driver Flees Scene After Hitting Pedestrian/Light Pole At LMU – Possible Fatality

This morning at 4 a.m. a suspect described as a female black, 20-30 wearing a white shirt and shorts with a pulled back ponytail ran the car she was driving into a light pole and a pedestrian at Lincoln and LMU drive. 6 hours later the intersection is still closed. Passing vehicles reported the collision to LAPD. When the female saw the patrol car approaching she got something out of the trunk of the car and fled on foot down Lincoln towards Jefferson. She struck a male pedestrian who was unconscious with severe head injuries and a light pole. The car was disabled and she left it at the scene. The victim is not expected to survive his injuries as of last word.

As per protocol in situations like this, the vehicle did not show signs of being stolen, the suspect had keys so LAPD put out a notice that the license plate will not be permitted to be reported as stolen. In situations like this vehicle owners try to report the car as stolen to cover up the crime. Witnesses reported the female as fleeing into a large apartment complex near Playa Vista.
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