Man Asleep In Stolen Car Flees DOT – Engages LAPD In Pursuit Through Venice

Today at 8:30 a.m. a citizen alerted a DOT officer to a man asleep in a Chevy Tahoe at 608 Rose Ave. The DOT worker ran the plate and it came up as a stolen car. DOT called LAPD, the sleeping suspect woke up and took off down 6th Ave. LAPD caught up with the car and the suspect then engaged them in a high speed pursuit across Lincoln, down Penmar, down Washington and down Marr to Olive where LAPD lost the vehicle. He made it into the Silver Triangle to Harbor Crossing and Thatcher where he ditched the car and fled on foot. He was described as a male black, 30’s, goatee, blue Dodgers cap, white tshirt, black jacket.

Thanks to @dan_pepper for the photo of officers combing the bike path looking for the suspect.

Thanks Dan Pepper!

Thanks Dan Pepper!


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