Oakwood Shooting Suspected As Possible Gang Retaliation – Victim Not Gang Member

UPDATE: Two vehicles fled the scene of the shooting today, and BOTH were firing at the victim. One was described as a champagne Mercedes, and the other was a white or light colored sedan. The victim was in surgery just after the shooting but LAPD was able to talk to him briefly before he went in. He will survive his wounds and will be under heavy sedation for the next day or so. It is not clear what clues he may have been able to relate to detectives – but for most the bottom line is that gunfire and drive-by shootings are unwelcome activity in Oakwood. LAPD immediately covered gang related areas for any sign of the vehicles. If this is related to the feud between two gangs that is currently underway… it isn’t over.

A man reported to be 18-20 was shot in the head in Oakwood today in the alley near 4th and Indiana. He is expected to survive his wounds as of this report. He is not a gang member.

A feud brewing between two LA gangs has had Pacific Division on point in the Oakwood area expecting a possible retaliatory shooting with extra patrol. Local gang members have been stopped and weapons have been retrieved indicating that our local gang members are expecting a possible retaliatory hit also. Units were dispatched to other gang areas immediately looking for the two vehicles witnesses reported fleeing from the scene. We’ll see if this is indeed related.






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